Sam Corporation to open the world of boundless imagination by launching Story Creator on Aug. 15!

Story Creator Logo │ Courtesy of Sam Corporation

As COVID-19 is prolonged, education based on an online platform that allows users to receive creative education using various contents regardless of location is receiving great attention from parents.

In line with this, We Creator, an educational content brand of Sam Corporation (CEO Park Jae-beom), a media-edutech company that is developing the Creator series, has captured the hearts of parents by introducing various educational programs.

Sam Corporation is a new media education company focusing on storytelling and interaction. Especially, the image card game introduced by We Creator is becoming enormously popular in the market with its story-based creative learning method as well as open thinking by opening the way to various interpretations rather than just memorizing.

We conducted a non-face-to-face interview with a staff from Sam Corporation to listen to more details.

Q1. What kind of company is Sam Corporation?

Sam Corporation was founded in 2017, and it is developing products and services to enter the global market. We entered France in 2018 and introduced We Creator there. This experience presented us the vision to enter the global market, so we made a detailed business model. In 2019, Story Creator was introduced in the gifted class at Burnett Creek Elementary School in Indiana, US, and received good responses from students.

Education for the gifted class at Burnett Creek Elementary School, Indiana, US│Photo courtesy of Sam Corporation

In 2020, we conducted crowdfunding and started developing an online platform. In 2021, we participated in the MWC Barcelona online exhibition. Also, we are meeting various global business partners through our Silicon Valley corporation in the United States.

Q2. Please introduce Sam Corporation’s edutech solution.

Our first online platform Story Creator is a platform where people from all over the world jointly form a project to create stories and storyboards, and creators from various fields can participate. Creators in various fields such as creators who create stories, designers who design characters, and artists who create background images can collaborate to create content.

We have created a system that allows creators to generate revenue while sharing each other’s content, and we are developing a system in which revenue is automatically distributed for creators. Now, we can create contents more quickly and easily with AI technologies TTS and STT. If we use the image matching technology in the future, even children will be able to create contents.

We are currently printing out in storyboard and storybook modes. By the end of this year, we will launch the video mode, so anyone can make video without having to learn the software in our platform.

Q3. What are the specialties about Story Creator?

Story Creator, which is scheduled to be launched on August 15 (Sun), has a function that an AI voice actor reads the story through TTS. And, by using STT, voice is converted to text and automatically added in the timeline, helping to reduce the editing time when making videos.

You can invite friends to collaborate and organize projects allows each person to share their roles and create content. The project is made in collaboration by a story creator, a character designer, a background designer, a photographer, a director and composition writer, and a music manager, publishing the storyboard.

The published storyboard has a revenue generating system in which general users pay a reading fee and collaborators divide the generated revenue. As a non-face-to-face platform where all processes of content viewing, transfer, and transaction are made and distributed online, all related content and copyright management and transactions will be managed with blockchain technology.

Using Story Creator │ Courtesy of Sam Corporation

Q4. Is there any special meaning of launching on August 15?

Sam Corporation launched its products and services on August 15 every year. August 15 is a date of great significance, but more than that, I want to make the growth and development of the company parallel to this significant day so that we can share the development and vision of the Republic of Korea and introduce a new innovation of our education.

Through the opening of this online story creator service, we hope that it will be an opportunity for everyone around the world to freely create, share, and collaborate on content to enjoy the joy of creation.

Q5. Status of overseas market entrance

We are currently preparing to attract investment, and we are looking for a partner and cooperative investor who will contribute to the long-term vision of challenge, innovation, creativity, and the development of mankind, and create unchanging values for the world.

Also, we want to grow by forming partnerships with local partners that will grow together in the US market. We hope to find a partner who can publish Sam Corporation’s products and services locally and connect with partners who will create long-term joint growth.

Currently, we are receiving support for global advancement through Microsoft, MINDsLab, KAIST, Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology, NIPA, and Korea Institute of Startups & Entrepreneurship, all collaborating with us to help us grow.

Recently, we moved into Silicon Valley in the US through KIC, providing an important opportunity to advance into the global market. Also, Korea SMEs and Startups Agency is helping to enter the overseas market in India and Singapore.

Courtesy of Sam Corporation

Q6. Future plans

Sam Corporation’s global business, which starts as a story creator, will grow into an innovative content creation platform that brings out imagination and inspiration from content creators through the continuous launch of the creator series. Also, by using Story Creator, anyone can create content with their own stories and imaginations, and a world of infinite imagination will unfold when we complete making Ver. 2.0 where various stories and worldviews exist.

Courtesy of Sam Corporation