SAM Corporation participated in the 2021 Metaverse Hub & DCC Global Demo Day… Introducing the online platform for creators to collaborate, “Story Creator”

SAM Corporation’s CEO, Jae-bum Park presenting at the “2021 Metavers Hub & DCC Global Demo Day│Photo – Aving News

SAM Corporation (CEO Jae-bum Park) participated in the 2021 Metaverse Hub & DCC Global Demo Day, which took place on the 8th, and introduced ‘Story Creator.’

Founded in 2017, SAM Corporation is a media edu-tech company that is developing a creator series. SAM Corporation had been developing products and services for global expansion, and in 2018 they managed to enter France’s markets with the introduction of We Creator, which enabled them to experience the possibilities of global expansion and formulate a more specific business model.

In 2019, Story Creator prepared to go global with the gifted class of Burnett Creek Elementary School in Indiana through a training program, and in 2020, they received crowdfunding and initiated the development of their online platform.

In 2021, SAM Corporation participated in the MWC Barcelona online exhibition and is meeting with various global business partners through a Silicon Valley Corporation in the United States. They were selected by the Academy Choice Awards, andwon an award from the Global Academic Education Committee.

Story Creator Logo │Source – SAM Corporation

Story Creator is an online platform where everyone in the world jointly organizes projects to create stories, storyboards, and videos. Creators in various fields, including creators who create stories, designers who design characters, and artists who create background images, can collaborate to create content, and a system has been set-up so that creators can earn rewards and generate profits by sharing content with each other. They are also developing a system that automatically distributes profits to creators.

Currently, Story Creatorhas been developed with TTS and STT artificial intelligence technology so that users can produce content more easily and quickly, and once image matching technology is applied in the future, even children will be able to create content with ease.

The output comes in the form of storyboard-type and fairy tale book-mode videos, but there are plans to upgrade to an automatic editing function that will allow it to automatically create videos in 2022. An official explained that once it reaches Ver 2.0, Story Creator will be a platform that allows men and women of all ages to create videos without having to learn the software.

Story Creator, which utilizes artificial intelligence technology, has the ability to read stories with AI voice actors through TTS, and with STT can turn audio into text which is automatically applied when editing the timeline, allowing users to save a great deal of time when producing and editing videos.

Users have the ability to invite friends and organize projects together, as well as assign roles to each other. Story creators, character designers, background designers, photographers, directors and composition writers, and music managers jointly organize projects to publish storyboards.

Source – SAM Corporation

An official said, “The published storyboard is a profit-generating system in which ordinary users pay reading fees and co-workers distribute the generated profits, and all processes of content reading, transfer, and transaction will take place online.”

In addition, he explained, “Creators will be able to freely create and distribute their content which will be activated through transactions, and all content and copyright-related management and transactions will be handled with strict security technologies.”

Meanwhile, the prestigious American Board of Education and Research selected SAM Corporation as a Smart Media at the Academy’s Choice Awardsthis year. The Academy Choice Awards consists of an academic advisory committee consisting of leading experts and graduates from prestigious educational institutions such as Princeton, Harvard, and George Washington universities. Winners are determined in categories such as mobile apps, games, books, websites, and magazines submitted from all over the world, and are evaluated on a standardized basis by subject, area, and grade.

Story Creator was selected for the Smart Media Awards in the fields of games, websites, and arts and crafts. It was well-received for its scalability to create infinite content through team work, as well as the ability to enhance students’ imagination and creativity, and share works around the world through endless collaborations with various elements such as stories, characters, items, actions, emotions, and plot cards.

SAM Corporation was selected as a Smart Media by the American Board of Education and Research at the Academy Choice Awards this year. │

Source – SAM Corporation

An official said, “We are currently preparing to attract global investments. In December 2021, we conducted an Accelerating Program with Maria01 of Finland through Korea Creative Content Agency’s LAUNCHPAD program, established a SAM Corporation in Finland, and we are preparing to introduce an educational program to Finnish schools through Testbed Helsinki.

The official further added. “In addition to our global expansion, we are also working with the Incheon Metropolitan Office of Education on self-directed learning systems, along with various other related organizations to conduct research for new edu-tech innovation in the domestic education market.”

In addition, “Spearheaded with Story Creator,SAM Corporation’s global expansion business will grow into a brand loved by people around the world through the launch of the creator series, and as an innovative content creation platform that evokes imagination and inspiration,” he said. “”Once Ver 2.0 is complete, it will be a platform where anyone can create content with their own stories and imagination, and an endless world of imagination will unfold in Story Creator,” he said.

Meanwhile, the 2021 Metaverse Hub & DCC Global Demo Day was organized by the Ministry of Science and ICT (Minister Hye-sook Lim). It was held to discover promising companies with great potential for overseas expansion among the companies supported by the Metaverse Hub and Digital Contents Company Growth Support Center (DC Center), a business support facility operated by the National IT Industry Promotion Agency(President Chang-yong Kim) and the Next Generation Convergence Content Industry Association (Chairman Yo-cheol Choi, NCIA),