Saltlux Introduces Metahuman ‘ERIN’ at CES 2022,striving to be a Unicorn Company by Combining Metaverse and Metahumans

Saltlux Co., Ltd. (CEO Kyung-il Lee) drew attention by showcasing Metahuman ‘ERIN’ at CES 2022 held in Las Vegas from January 5th to 7th.

At this exhibition, Saltlux formed a booth with four themes: △DeepSignal△ Metahuman △TalkBot△ AI Contact Center (AICC) and welcomed on-site visitors.

There was a special guide at the Saltlux booth located in Eureka Hall in the CES 2022 Tech West exhibition hall. That guide is “ERIN,” a Metahuman introduced by Saltlux.

Saltlux’s Metahuman ‘ERIN’ at CES 2011│Photo – NIA

The live-action Metahuman “ERIN” is equipped with a realistic appearance and more advanced face recognition function to deliver necessary information accurately and quickly such as company introduction and booth guidance to on-site visitors.’ERIN’ also perfectly served as an ambassador for the Saltlux booth during the exhibition through various gestures, such as making finger hearts or shrugging along with visitors, and received a lot of attention and love from on-site visitors.

A visitor is communicating with ‘ERIN’ | Photo – NIA

An official in charge of Saltlux Metahuman said,” ‘ERIN’ is a situational cognitive intelligence system that emphasizes virtual humans aiming for multimodal interaction as an integrated body of Saltlux AI technology at the center of the UI.During the exhibition, the age, gender, expression, costume, and accessories of a person moving in front of the Metahuman or staring at the kiosk were recognized in real-time and used as an input for the Metahuman’s decision-making actions. In the future, it will be applied to service domains that need to solve problems through emotional conversations.”

Deep Signal Technology, which was also unveiled during the event, is a “super-personalized artificial intelligence service that learns, searches, organizes and acts like an individual,” which analyzes users’ thoughts and preferences and collects related information from deep webs around the world in real-time and provides personalized data such as network maps and institutional information.It also tracks users’ topics of interest for 24 hours all year round to support functions such as tracking issues and notification when detecting anomalies.

Saltlux also unveiled their independently developed ‘TalkBot’, the only knowledge graph-based Chat-Bot in Korea. ‘TalkBot’ is an AI chat-bot that boasts accurate response quality of more than 93% and enables in-depth knowledge-based conversation by applying a “high-performance natural language understanding (NLU) engine” based on large-scale language resources such as Asia’s largest 1 million language corpus.It also has various strong points such as self-knowledge enhancement and multiple channel support andit proves that it is ready for services based on the 4th industrial revolution by supplying domestic government, public institutions, and private and financial companies like Arelli, a Canadian innovative company, including National Secretary “Goobbi,” NH Nonghyup Bank, Korea Investment & Securities, Korea Electric Power Chatbot, and BMW Financial Service Korea.

Saltlux’s booth at CES 2022│Photo – NIA

An official from Saltlux said, “We plan to launch a super-personalized AI service that can be used by all people around the world by utilizing our artificial intelligence and data-related technologies and launch a new business that combines Metaverse and Metahumans. Furthermore, we want to grow into a unicorn company with a corporate value of more than KRW 1 trillion by 2025 through strategic business cooperation and aggressive investment with subsidiaries and partners.”

Meanwhile, in addition to Saltlux, INFINIQ, AIFORPET, OUaRLaB, AIMMO, and MJ Vision Tech introduced solutions using data for artificial intelligence learning.

The Artificial Intelligence Learning Data Construction Project organized by Ministry of Science and ICT and promoted by the National Information Society Agency will be opened through AI-Hub until 2025. The project is becoming a driving force for the growth of small and medium-sized artificial intelligence companies, venture companies, and startups in South Korea by solving the difficulty of building high-cost and long-term data.191 types of artificial intelligence learning data opened on AI-Hub can be easily downloaded by anyone through the AI-Hub website.

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* Special Reporters: Ashley Kim, Joseph Choe, KidaiKIm, Dongkwan Kim, Mokkyung Lee, Sangun Choi, Yeawon Choi, Wansu Kim, James Lee

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