RoitsNine to launch ‘S-View’, its privacy screen protector

SEOUL, Korea (AVING) — <Visual News> RoitsNine (CEO: Heo Jeyou, has launched ‘S-View’, its privacy screen protector for LCD Monitors.

The launched privacy screen protector consists of different sizes from 15.4″ to 21″W.

The applied micro louver technology has optical blinds and makes a LCD screen viewed only in front. From the right and left direction out of 30 degrees, the contents of a LCD screen are invisible.

The product is suitable for someone who needs to protect private information and wants to perform confidential tasks comfortably in the public places such as a bank, office and library.

S-View Privacy Screen Protector helps computer users with various features including anti-UV, anti-static, anti-scratch and eyesight protection as well as privacy protection. Especially, the users can apply and remove the product at will by choosing an installation method using hang-tabs. More information of S-View Privacy Screen Protector is provided via

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