Rising of Portable Green Gadgets in Clean Energy

Most green exhibitions and fairs has been focused on some big and industrial supplies and demands in green revolutions. Clean Energy Expo Asia 2011 showcases many distinguished consumer oriented products and Palcan, based on Canada, is one of those hopes in consumers’ green.

Ph.D. John Shen, Chairman of Palcan Energy Corp, stresses on the spot that Palcan’s new generation of portable generators, Portable Power Supply, uses the world’s most advanced fuel cell proprietary technology. It’s ergonomically trolley-cart design and hand carried version. Both formats are light weight making them easy to use.

The model ‘Palcan-P750B2’ portable generators provide reliable power output with zero exhaust except for warm water, it’s only by-product. These portable generators can be used in multiple applications such as short-term standby power, in the home, while traveling, camping, and boating and many other outdoor activities. It is also a handy for recharging anything from electric bicycles to computers.

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