[Review] ‘HEADTIME’, Much Fresher Time for Rest

SEOUL, Korea (AVING) — <Visual News> I had a checkup for scalp care because my hair had fallen off due to the alopecia caused by stress.
I remember being under mental stress while my scalp was being taken care of. Scalp care is
needed. However, since it takes time and a fairly large amount of money to get scalp care by
performing regular checkups, it is difficult to get scalp care frequently.

As I felt the need for convenient scalp care for those who did not have much time and money, I was introduced an automated scalp massager that enables easy scalp care.

‘HEADTIME’ released by KINATECH Co., Ltd. (CEO Name: Gi Yong-ho; www.headtime.co.kr) is a scalp massager for students complaining about tension headaches caused by stress or fatigue, housewives, or office workers with frequent fatigue as well as those who have alopecia.

(Depending on the user’s physical constitution and symptoms during use, the effects felt by the user may vary.)

HEADTIME is in gray, and is made of plastic. Its helmet-type design is distinct. Since the product has parts for function operation, it is manufactured in large dimensions of 32 x 28 x 18 and about 1.35 kg of weight and looks slightly unsophisticated.

The inside of the product has pneumatic air channels and a total of 29 silicon acupressure balls that perform massaging. 34 ceramic balls, which generate far-infrared radiation and anions, are located at the part that touches the crown of the head. The innermost and central part has a speaker generating therapy sounds such as the sounds of Nature such as streams, birds, rainwater, and waves.

Silicon acupressure balls are categorized into the ones with stumpy tips and the ones with sharp tips. Due to the features of HEADTIME made of hard plastic, the size of the product cannot be adjusted when being worn on a head. Instead, the product has two types of silicon acupressure balls, which are basic components, in order to allow the user to select the more appropriate type for his or her head size.

That is, this product has a weakness of not fitting into different head shapes depending on users. I tried wearing the product equipped with silicon acupressure balls. I felt pain from the left and right sides of my head due to the pressure of the balls. In addition, my head was not able to touch the innermost of the product.

Since there are differences among individuals, the strengths and weaknesses of a feel of wearing the product cannot be concluded. In order to make effects without pressure, it is recommended to select and use a type of acupressure balls appropriate for the head shape of the user. In terms of this issue, I think that it would ensure a better feel of wearing to provide more diverse sizes of acupressure balls or to make the product body soft rather than hard.

HEADTIME is configured with the product body (equipped with 29 basic silicon acupressure balls and 34 ceramic balls), a controller, an adapter, 26 ceramic acupressure balls, and the User’s Guide.

At the left of the controller, an air injection port, a sound terminal, and a power supply terminal exist. The front side of the controller has buttons that enable massaging and that control sound and volume as well as the POWER button. At the top of the buttons, there are LEDs displaying modes to allow the user to easily check status.

The effects of HEADTIME are as follows: First, 29 silicon acupressure balls perform massaging by performing acupressure in an air compression method. Secondly, 34 ceramic balls provide the user with anions and far-infrared radiation. Thirdly, the speaker makes sound therapy effects.

In particular, the patented air pneumatic massaging feature enables acupressure without generating electromagnetic waves by operation using air unlike regular operation methods using motors; thus, this product does not do harm to human bodies.

The method for use is simple: Connect the lines connected to the back side of the product body into the controller. Connect the air injection line and sound line into the controller, and turn on the power. Massaging is performed in Modes A and B. Intensity (weak, intermediate, and strong) can be controlled in each mode.

Press the MASSAGE button once to set intensity to ‘weak’ by switching to Mode A. Press the button twice to set intensity to ‘intermediate’, and press the button three times to set intensity to ‘strong’. Press the button four times to allow the user to control intensity in three steps by switching to Mode B. As a result of having tried operating the button, I think that it would be more convenient to make the Mode A button and the Mode B button separately.

In addition, the length of the lines on the rear side of the product body cannot be adjusted. Even if I think that the size of the controller is set by considering the product features as much as possible, I think that it would be better to ensure easier indoor transport by making the size smaller.

There are several hundred causes of alopecia, and there are a variety of curing methods depending on causes. The most basic care for alopecia is scalp massaging. Scalp massaging stimulates the root of hair, and relaxes shrunken capillaries to ensure smooth blood circulation. It also supplies oxygen to keep scalp and hair healthy. If chemicals for preventing alopecia such as sprays are used, absorption force will be able to be improved during massaging.

HEADTIME focuses on the efficacies of scalp massaging. Besides them, the product enables sound therapy and generates far-infrared radiation and anions to make diverse effects that cannot be done by hand massaging.

The descriptions of each mode are as follows: Mode A enables acupressure just like hard pressure with the tips of the fingers. Mode B makes the user feel like being wrapped and pulled up by the tips of the fingers. As for sound, whenever the button is pressed, five types of sound such as the sound of birds, the sound of waves, the sound of rainwater, the sound of streams, and the sound of Nature are generated in sequence in three levels of volume. The default duration of use is 10 minutes.

As a result of using HEADTIME for ten minutes every morning and night, I felt my head refreshed. When I used this product first, I felt slight pain due to the acupressure balls. Once I got used to the product, the pain changed to refreshment. The crown of my head felt refreshed as well.

The traditional scalp massagers have had low intensity as if they are giving the user a tickle. However, HEADTIME gives the user high intensity in a powerful massaging method using air. 29 ceramic acupressure balls press every part of the scalp powerfully once the product is worn.

It is difficult to make distinct efficacies for alopecia in about two weeks after use. However, I think based on my experience of overcoming fatigue while feeling refreshed and pleasant that stress will be able to be relieved and alopecia will be cured if scalp massaging continues to be performed.

HEADTIME, which enables extensive, partial massaging depending on the wearing type, ensures easy scalp care without requiring much time. The product also ensures a long shelf life. Besides scalp care, it allows students or office workers to overcome their fatigue with its massaging feature.

I think that HEADTIME has a weakness in terms of sound therapy. The sound generated from the speaker located at the part touching the crown of the head is a little weak and unclear even if the volume turns up. I want this issue to be resolved. In addition, since ‘cleanness’ is important for hair care, I think that information on cleaning acupressure balls and the product body, which touch scalp directly, should be mentioned in the User’s Guide or the website of KINATECH.

‘HEADTIME’, a scalp massager of KINATECH, has been reviewed.

The product body is hard and secured, and does not fit into the head completely. However, in terms of the product performance including massaging features, the product makes much greater effects than the traditional scalp massagers. Unlike the traditional massagers as if they are giving the user a tickle, the powerful pneumatic massaging makes the user feel higher intensity than the traditional massagers. The ceramic acupressure balls press the scalp thoroughly to overcome fatigue.

Experience ‘HEADTIME’ to have time for rest making your head refreshed in a busy everyday life.