[REK 2012 on-site] To exhibit award-winning works of ‘Renewable Energy, 36.5℃ Idea·Product contest’

Korea Energy Management Corporation exhibited award-winning works of ‘Renewable Energy, 36.5℃ Idea·Product contest’ at ‘Renewable Energy Korea 2012’ held on Oct. 9th-12th, at COEX, KOREA.

Award-winning works were products which can be provided renewable energy in any place including some places where stable energy supply is hard, such as Mobile Case recharged by solar energy, Outdoor chair recharged by solar energy, Wind turbine specialized in camping, Portable fuel cell generator and others.

Korea Energy Management Corporation selected total 24 idea products as Award-winning works through impartial evaluations of 2 steps.

It had been run from August 1st to September 9th and 616 works were applied as getting lots of attention from elementary schoolchild to housewives and companies.

Meanwhile, ‘Renewable Energy Korea 2012’ is hosted by Ministry of knowledge Economy and organized by Korea Energy Management Corporation. For this year, ‘Korea Green Energy Show’ and ‘Green Energy Job Fair’ are hosted together to provide an opportunity for gathering all kinds of energy related industries at one spot as well as creating new job opportunities.

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