Rainbow Robotics introduces collaborative robot with built-in safety functions at Daegu Machinery Expo 2021

Rainbow Robotics Co., Ltd. (CEO Jung-ho Lee) will participate in the Daegu Machinery Expo 2021 at EXCO in Daegu from November 16th to 19th to showcase collaborative robots.

Rainbow Robotics is a robot company founded in 2011 by Professor Joon-ho Oh of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at KAIST and researchers at the Humanoid Robot Research Center. It is a company that develops and produces Korea’s first human-sized bipedal robot, HUBO, and attracted worldwide attention by participating in the “DARPA Robotics Challenge” hosted by the DARPA under the U.S. Department of Defense in 2015.

Rainbow Robotics’ collaborative robot | Photo – AVING NEWS

In the lengthy process of developing HUBO, various core component technologies such as drivers, controllers, and sensors were internalized. Based on this, various types of robot products are being developed and produced according to market demands, and they have excellent cost competitiveness due to the internalization of core parts.

Using its own core parts technology, it has recently developed a collaborative robot that has received great attention in various industries to suit the Korean industry and has established a mass production system and has been selling it in earnest since 2020. In this exhibition collaborative robots consisting of various product lines (5kg, 10kg, 16kg models) and various applications will be displayed together.

Collaborative robots are a type of industrial robot, but they can be used in various industries as they have various safety functions that existing industrial robots do not have. Since industrial robots around the world can harm workers, various separate safety devices are required by law. On the other hand, collaborative robots do not need separate safety devices due to their internal safety functions.

Collaborative robot demonstration | Photo – AVING NEWS

The strength of Rainbow Robotics’ collaborative robot RB series is the development of core parts for collaborative robots based on years of experience in robot research and development. The main components are BLDC motors, controls, encoders, and brakes, which are internalized and applied to robots, and end users can take a flexible attitude toward the mechanical and option-specific situations they want.

An official explained that not only hardware but also software is self-produced, and that it is receiving good response in the market by setting two types of UI/UX that are simplified or specialized for basic users to use more easily and quickly on the screen.

An official from Rainbow Robotics said, “About 70% of its executives and employees belong to the technology research institute and invest heavily in technology development, and it consists of robotics experts representing Korea. In particular, Joon-ho Oh, a technology director, was awarded the Order of Science and Technology Creation in recognition of his contribution to the robot field, and CEO Jung-ho Lee was recognized as the next-generation technology leader selected by the Korea Institute of Engineering.

Photo – Rainbow Robotics

In addition, as a technology-based robot company that started from the KAIST Humanoid Robot Research Center, it aims for a collaborative mind of ‘breathing together, thinking together, and working together’. Through this, we have set up a business model so that it can lead to purchases in customer value judgment, and this is well received, especially in Europe, the United States, and Southeast Asia.”

As for future plans, “We are rushing to launch a 16kg collaborative robot with a portable load to reflect customer needs, which will be mainly used for auto parts and finished assembly products. Furthermore, collaborative robots weighing more than 20kg are aiming to be released in the first half of next year. It will be introduced after safety standards and tests of international standard standards for high-load collaborative robots, he said.

Meanwhile, the 2021 Daegu International Machinery Industry Exhibition is hosted by Daegu Metropolitan City and organized by EXCO, DGMC Daegu Gyeongbuk Machinery Cooperative, Daegu Techno Park Smart Manufacturing Innovation Center, Small and Medium Business Convergence Daegu Gyeongbuk Federation, Korea Technology, and KOTRA. The exhibition items are as follows. △Factory Automation Equipment △ Smart Factory △ Machinery, Equipment △ Tools, Mold △ Control Measurement, Inspection Equipment △ Logistics, Packaging Machine Tube △ Welding, Casting

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