RAFIQ Showcases ‘SofTech’, A Plant Softening Technology at Try Everything 2021

Photo – RAFIQ

RAFIQ (CEO Bum-joo Lee) participated in “Try Everything 2021” held at the Shilla Hotel in Seoul from September 15thto 17th.

RAFIQ is a company that has plant softening technology that uses the entire plant. Plant extracts used in existing cosmetic raw materials have not only discarded most of the active ingredients due to short-term liquid extraction but have also shown low skin efficacy as a small marketing product.

It started with the questions, ‘Is there a product other than wash-off types like face masks while maximizing the safety and skin effects of natural plants?’ ‘Can’t you melt the visible plant particles onto your skin?’ and after more than 500 development experiments, RAFIQ’s “Plant Softening Technology (SofTech),” was created and is a cosmetic raw material technology that does not require the use of extracts or to be washed off after using them.

Through the SoftFerm process of applying bio-conversion technology to softened plants using yeast remaining in the beer gourd, the skin efficacy of plants can be further maximized.

Through RAFIQ’s technology, skin efficacy can be realized with 50 to 120 times more solids than commercial raw materials, and product differentiation can be achieved with original technology. In addition, a regional win-win model is presented through direct cooperation with farmers.

An official from RAFIQ said, “We have achieved results such as winning the Demo Day for a cooperative program between Seoul Startup Hub and OB Beer, selecting a national innovative company, registering 18 domestic patents, and applying for two overseas patents (China, the United States).”

Meanwhile, Seoul Startup Hub has been establishing a system for selecting and nurturing promising startups with global conglomerates such as Mercedes-Benz Korea, POSCO, Binggrae, OB Beer, and S-Oil to help these startups scale. Technological cooperation and business results between corporations and startups were announced at the startup festival ‘Try Everything.’ RAFIQ announced the results of their six-month technology-linked PoC with OB Beer at the OB Beer x Seoul Startup Open Innovation Demoday of ‘Try Everything 2021’.