Rafa Rophe introduces Revitalizing products made by combining natural ingredients and eco bio technology

Rafa Skin Ecology Essence · Cream | Courtesy of Rafa Rophe

This is the news that people who became tired of masks and scorching heat have been waiting for.

Rafa Rophe (CEO Hwang Ki-cheol) has launched two types of essence, cream, and mist that help restore the skin’s ecology.

Rafa Skin Ecology Essence Cream is a product to revitalize the ecosystem in the skin tired from the heat and the mask. It contains 10 kinds of natural raw materials (big fruit cap, Centella asiatica, golden ginseng, licorice root, peanut sprout, complex sulfur, illite extract, persimmon extract, licorice). It is a naturalistic concept cosmetic with wrinkle improvement and whitening functions.

Skin Hug Mist is a product to effectively soothe tired skin from continuous mask use due to the prolonged COVID-19 virus. It is made up of ingredients with excellent antioxidant properties, such as Sargassum macrocarpum C. Agardh, astaxanthin, illite extract, Centella asiatica + gold + Sophora flavescens AIT + licorice root + peanut sprout extract, and persimmon extract.

Skin Hug Mist | Courtesy of Rafa Rophe

Rafa Rophe is a bio-specialized cosmetic company that studies natural substances and the ecosystem and restoration of the skin. The company is researching the interaction between natural raw materials and skin condition and conducting R&D to make products that create a healthy skin ecology through scientific verification. It is a technology-oriented company that owns 10 patented technologies and also has a Bio & Skin Research Center and its own production plant.

Rafa Rophe has already entered the US and Chinese markets and is showing high sales increase every year. Based on this, it is also pioneering the Southeast Asian market by registering trademarks. Also, considering the current situation of the non-face-to-face market due to the COVID-19 virus, the company made stores in overseas online market such as Amazon, Alibaba, and Shopee. Rafa Rophe is conducting various launching events as launching new products, so it is expected to show a positive response not only in the Korean market but also in the overseas market.