Quad Miners, ITCE 2021 participation

Quad Miners create network & cloud security solutions that detect and respond to today’s and tomorrow’s cyber threats. Quad Miners provides a solution called the Network Blackbox. This Next-Gen NDR(Network Detection and Response) solution records, stores, and analyses all data flows using the Network Blackbox, from the initial point when an event begins to the time it is completed and even beyond. As it applies to network security, the Network Blackbox is similar to the black box concept used in aircraft.

Quad Miners was founded by a group of four visionaries (the Quad) in 2017. The research and development behind the Network Blackbox began as early as 2014.

Quad Miners has more than 25 customers from various sectors such as Enterprise, Finance, Government, and Military. The Network Blackbox can be selectively applied following the internal security policies of individual institutions and companies. It has currently been adopted at leading Korean financial firms, manufacturers, and public organizations and has also received positive responses in the US and Japan.

Network Blackbox is Next-Gen NDR(Network Detection & Response) solution that detects and resolves multiple cyber security threat vectors in the corporate network. It stores and analyses 100% of Full Packets. Therefore, it can detect, analyze and resolve almost all cyber security threats.

The most notable feature of the Network Blackbox is that it saves and analyses 100% of packets in order to detect and respond to all types of cyber security threats. The Network Blackbox consists of 1) threat de\-tection using over 25,000 rules, 2) scenario-based user behaviour analysis, 3) extraction and analysis of a variety of content (email, search, translation, etc.), 4) Supervised-learning anomaly detection analysis, 5) internal breach detection through “cyber kill chain” monitoring, 6) detection of malware and determination of whether such code has in\-fected the network internally, (through saved-packet rebuilding) and 7) forensic analysis, collecting and saving all traffic, while also performing full packet-based information analysis.

One of the core Quad Miners technologies involves selecting packet header information, payload information, flow information and full packet information to enable storage and management. In this way, the Network Blackbox fulfills the four conditions for NDR, as defined by Gartner. The Network Blackbox executes threat detection through the detection and analysis of real-time threat behaviour, and provides NTA functionality that analyses all behaviour before and after an event. Also, by extracting and analysing various content (including files, emails, searches, etc.), it prevents internal information breaches, and supports network forensic functions at all levels based on full-packet data.

Quad Miners is looking for a regional partner who can work together to penetrate their market.

The partner we are looking for is a Distributor with many years of experience in selling/implementing/maintaining cyber security products.