Psiloc’s mobile travel platform to be pre-installed on select Nokia mobile devices

WARSAW, Poland (AVING) — <Visual News> Polish mobile solutions innovator Psiloc announced that it has added the highly acclaimed Connect application to its flagship mobile travel platform, World Traveler, which is currently pre-installed on select Nokia mobile devices.

“Connect works by enabling your phone to shift automatically between network access points, according to your preferences,” Marek Filipiak, president and founder of Psiloc said. “This is perfect for everyone from the traveler to the commuting business person who would like to avoid the hassle of setting access points manually each time internet use is necessary.”

As of mid-March, Connect is now available as a premium plug-in on Psiloc’s World Traveler platform, available in World Traveler’s plug-in manager following a routine World Traveler update. Filipiak noted that offering the popular plug-in was a no-brainer, pointing out that use of Connect saves the active user money each day—not to mention countless hours each year.

Users and critical publications concur, with the predecessor of the current Connect plug-in, Psiloc’s standalone Connect, having been described as “the app we’ve all been waiting for” by Symbian in Motion; as an application “sent from the Gods” by and as “a must-have application” by The Nokia Blog.

The Connect plug-in for World Traveler incorporates all the latest features of Connect custom tailored to World Traveler.

Filipiak described the Connect plug-in as another step in developing World Traveler as an all-in-one platform for the mobile traveler. The Connect addition follows a series of other specialized plug-ins, including Hotelzon, a complete hotel bookings plug-in added through an agreement with Finnish mobile hotel booking leader Hotelzon and Flight Assistant, which allows travelers to search for flights—while also being alerted to flight status changes—the company has seen its total number of global users grow to more than 1.5 mln users world-wide.

The World Traveler application also includes features that allow users to check the time in multiple time zones, as well as the currency exchange rates and the weather for a user’s destination.