[Preview PIS 2012] CNC Fashion, Specialized in Raschel Lace and Circular knitted fabric

CNC Fashion, specialized in Raschel Lace and Circular knitted fabric, will participate in ‘Preview in Seoul 2012’ which will be held from September 5(Wed)~7(Fri) at COEX, KOREA.


This company can provide various export system including consultation for Raschel Lace export, business talk with buyers, Raschel Lace design, printed design(screen & foil) of the Circular knitted fabrics and others.

Also they make a great effort to provide best service with  Know-How of organizing ability and confidence accumulated for last 20 years as well as with strong pride of development of the best Raschel Lace & Circular knitted fabric.

Meanwhile, ‘The 13th  Preview in Seoul’, one of the Korea’s largest exhibitions in fiber industry will be held by KOFOTI (Korea Federation of Textile) under four theme of  ‘TRANS NATURE’, ‘TRANS DIMENSION’,’TRANS SEDUCTION’ and ‘TRANS FUTURE’ with the concept of ‘Trans New’. 400 booths of 250 companies and 10,000 buyers are expected.

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