Pitching contest for a big corporate internship program held at Try Everything 2021

Photo by AVING News

Try Everything 2021 was held online for three days from Sep. 15 to 17 at the Shilla Hotel in Seoul and Haneul Theater of the National Theater of Korea, and a pitching contest for a big corporate internship program was held.

In this program, △Yoo Seong-wook (Practical Project Operation at Seoul Media Group New Paradigm of Culture △Kwon Chang-hee (Professor of Department of Industrial Security, Hansae University) △Kim Ye-ji (Student at Dongduk Women’s University) △Kim Ye-in (Student at Ewha Womans University) △Byeon Yoo-rim (Student at Catholic University) △Choi Seo-hyun (Student at Inha University) △Lee Ju-min (Researcher for GWP Korea) attended.

A student who participated in the internship program said, “I learned how to write good proposals by receiving feedback from the mentors.” Another participant said, “I came here because I was worried about my future. It was a great opportunity to get practical information about marketing tasks that cannot be learned in classrooms alone.”

Photo by AVING News

The big corporate internship program is Korea’s first job mentoring-type job competency strengthening program, and is hosted and organized by Seoul Media Group New Paradigm of Culture and Practical Project. In cooperation with large companies recognized by the industry for each industry, it provides practical education to job-seeking students and certifies the contents of their activities. It is fostering practical experience and practical specifications recognized by the industry, not just experiential activities.

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Try Everything 2021 Site Sketch | Filmed and edited by AVING News