[PIS 2013] Seojin Textile exhibits its high pressure garment dyed products

Seojin Textile (www.seojintex.co.kr) exhibits its high pressure garment dyed products at ‘Preview in Seoul 2013(PIS),’ a textile exhibition held from the 4th to the 6th of September, COEX in Samsung-dong, Seoul, Korea.

Garment dyeing of Seojin Textile express natural vintage looks well. Seojin Textile developed high pressure garment dyeing machine which make dyeing possible in more than 130°C condition, for the first time in the nation. That allows the garment dyeing product using N/P high contracting materials.

Garment dyeing was developed in Europe and Italy in 2011, and Japan is catching up. In Korea, Seojin Textile is the first company succeeded to develop the procedure. The core of the procedure is giving vintage effect to fiber by utilizing reduction ratio of N/P and PET material with high-pressure garment dying machine in the room temperature.

Now the company is trying to develop garment-dyed products in cooperation with domestic major fashion groups such as LG Fashion, Kolon, and Cheil Industries Inc.It will introduce the collaborations in the next S/S season.

Moreover, PIS hosted by Korea Federation of Textile Industry draws many prestigious internal and external textile companies—many of them already participated in overseas famous exhibitions, and shows many trendy and globally competitive products from SPA to luxury as well as many functional materials such as outdoor products.

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