[PIS 2013] R&D Textile exhibits its acetate fibers for women’s wear

R&D Textile (www.rndtextile.co.kr) exhibits its acetate fibers for women’s wear at ‘Preview in Seoul 2013(PIS),’ a textile exhibition held from the 4th to the 6th of September, COEX in Samsung-dong, Seoul, Korea.

R&D Textile is a company of Daegu specialized in acetate fibers. It was awarded a prize for 10 million dollar export in 2011. Its shows silk and rayon as well as high quality Di acetate and Tri acetate as the main materials for women’s wear. Acetated also known as acetate rayon has great texture and elasticity, so it is largely used for lining.

Acetate for dress has gorgeous sheen, smooth drapeability, and stretch of spandex, so it has price competitiveness compared to other products in overseas dress market. Moreover, R&D Textile developed its unique triacetate knit applicable to various products. It is now expanding its export to Europe, the U.S., China, Hong Kong, Japan, and Taiwan with continuous research and development.

Moreover, PIS hosted by Korea Federation of Textile Industry draws many prestigious internal and external textile companies—many of them already participated in overseas famous exhibitions, and shows many trendy and globally competitive products from SPA to luxury as well as many functional materials such as outdoor products.

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