Pirates of the Burning Sea will be free to play.

SEOUL, Korea (AVING) — <Visual News> Pirates of the Burning Sea sets in the period of 18th century in Caribbean, where players choose one of the four nations(Spain, France, Pirates, England) to start their adventure. Although SOE has announced in September that the game will be free to play, player can’t play it for free until the end of November. But honestly speaking, despite of its going to F2P, the game’s quality is not worse than that of P2P games. Highly customizable characters, rich gameplay (ship controlling and merchandise), well-written stories, and real time PvE and PvP combat really make the game stand out. But the RPG&RTS gameplay and various systems bring one problem: the game is a little bit complex.

First you should know how to control your ship as a captain. It’s not simply the “W, S, A, D” control but you have to know the wind and the angle of your ship. Then you may have to run a port. The prosperity and decline of the port is on your hand and here you can build infrastructures in your port and even adjust taxes. Many of your decisions will affect the economy of the port. Speaking of economy, it’s really a big part of the game and if you are interested in the game you can learn more details on the official guide page.(http://www.burningsea.com/page/home )

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