[Photonics Korea 2015] Apack Showcases LED Floodlight “FT Series”


Apack(www.apack.net) showcased its LED flood light FT series at “International Photonics Exhibition 2015”, which was held for three days from Wednesday the 7th to Friday the 9th at Kimdaejung Convention Center.

It boasts a superb luminous efficiency of 110lm/W, and the product power ranges from 200W to 800W.

It is ultraweight with heat insulating board, and is waterproof and dustproof, meeting the IP66 standards. It is designed for golf courses, ports, and other sports activities spaces.



“International Photonics Exhibition 2015” is the largest domestic exhibition focusing on the optical industry. It is also a global event in which major domestic companies, including KEPCO and LG Innotek, and 200 foreign buyers participate. This year, to celebrate the UN-designated “International Year of Light”, the International Optical Convergence Technology conference and the general meeting of the International Organization for Optical Communication Standardization were held simultaneously with the exhibition. The event is expected to explore the future vision of optical convergence technology and play a leading role in the global convergence era.

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(Video: International Photonics Exhibition 2015 Live Sketch)