[PHOTO&IMAGING 2011] Won Background To Exhibit ‘Canvas Background/Muslin Background’, Expressing Various Atmospheres

SEOUL, Korea (AVING Special Report on ‘PHOTO&IMAGING 2011’) — <Visual News> Won Background (representative Ji-Hoon Park, www.artone.co.kr) showed ‘Canvas background’ and ‘Muslin background’ at the ‘PHOTO&IMAGING 2011(P&I 2011)’ held at COEX, Seoul, Korea on April 21~24.

For the types of canvas background, there’re ‘Super Scenics’ and ‘Scenics’, suitable for shooting in luxurious atmosphere, ‘Old Masters’, with plentiful color patterns, and ‘Wallet’, displaying dynamic and cheerful ambience.

Muslin background, free to adjust length, has ‘Muslin X-canvas’, with an exquisite and delicate background like pictures of sacred subjects, ‘Muslin Renoir’, expressing modern and classical atmospheres, ‘Fantasy Sheer’, displaying tenderness, and the like.

(Picture: canvas background for ID picture)

(Picture: muslin background, produced without joint, made of wide fabrics)

(Picture: Local and international businesses relating photo studios are inquiring about background)