Pendant & earphone Bluetooth stereo headset ‘LUBIX’

NEW YORK, USA (AVING) — <Visual News> Ubixon unveiled its new versatile pendant/earphone Bluetooth stereo headset ”LUBIX UBHS-LC1”.

With Ubixon”s exclusive technology, the LUBIX can be used as a pendant type device or as an earphone headset. The LCD screen displays a caller ID, volume control, and music playback. The company claims that the LUBIX is the first with 3D sound among Bluetooth headsets in the market, which allows users to enjoy music in four different modes-XOME, LIVE, WIDE, MEX.

An official at the company said that the LUBIX has successfully solved existing problems of Bluetooth headset such as portability, sound quality, and price and the company has already received orders for over 20,000 units from USA and Japan market and Korean handset makers also took interested in the product.