[Pangyo Tech] Z-emotion presented fashion & hair specialized 3D simulation technology at Naver D2SF Media Meet-up

Immersive technology startup, z-emotion (CEO Dong-soo Han), introduced 3D simulation development specialized for fashion and hair at the ‘Naver D2SF Media Meet-up’ held at the Naver D2SF office in Seocho-gu, Seoul on the 17th.

z-emotion is a global startup leading the innovation in the digital fashion market with 3D simulation engineers from AMD, Crytek, Dassault, Ubisoft, and Kitware. They are researching and developing to innovate the process of design· produce· consume· fashion products through real-time 3D simulation technology.

z-emotion mentioned at this media meetup, “People focus on their hairstyle and fashion. We believe that it is important to accurately implement hairstyles and fashion in 3D in the metaverse era.”

The technology of z-emotion compensated for the fact that the result of the movement of the avatar could not be predicted because the hair would be tangling and bumping each object one by one. To resolve this issue, they developed a technology that reproduces the movement of hair according to the various actions of the avatar.

In addition, they have increased the details of the costume. According to the movement of the avatar, the material, wrinkles, shape, and degree of scattering by the wind were implemented in detail. An official explained that clothes are worn every day, so detail must be delicate for people by capturing touch and movement more sensitively.

z-emotion’s technology is currently being applied to movies and is being used in the virtual runway in the metaverse and the virtual sampling stage to prevent waste of fibers when making costumes.

Yeon-soo In, Chief Business Officer (CBO) of z-emotion, said, “The online world has developed into an information delivery type that delivers photo and video content, and is now changing to an interactive experience type that people want. Our company will add more delicacy to the texture of the hair and clothes in the virtual reality in order to respond to the changing era.”

Naver D2SF held the ‘Naver D2SF Media Meetup’ for the second time this year. It was a place where invested technology startups from D2SF directly presented and demonstrated their technology. At the media meetup that day, recently invested immersive technology startups, Gaudio Lab and z-emotion introduced their future business growth plans and synergy with Naver followed by Gazi Lab and Predictiv.

Source: Pangyo Techno Valley Official Newsroom