[Pangyo Tech] SKT to open a VFX studio in Pangyo…”Expanding hyper-cooperation between domestic and foreign media companies.”

SK Telecom introduced “TEAM Studio,” a visual effect (VFX)-based media content production center, in Pangyo 2nd Techno Valley, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, to strengthen its content production capabilities and expand cooperation between media companies.

SK Telecom announced on the 21st that it has completed and started operation of “Team Studio” with two ‘LED Wall Stages’ such as ‘Volume Stage’ and ‘Extended Reality Stage’ as large as 3050㎡ (about 930 pyeong).

The volume stage is suitable for producing entertainment content that requires various backgrounds such as drama, advertising, and music video. XR Stage is optimized for producing indoor content such as live commerce. SK Telecom said, “By utilizing the two LED wall stages owned by “Team Studio”, you can produce realistic graphics in real time without filming.”

Until now, it has been common for content production that requires special effects to film actors first in the green or blue chroma key background and add background graphics later if necessary. However, it took a lot of time and money for the latter half of process.

Using the LED wall, it is possible to realize the same level of background or environment as reality at the filming stage to increase actors’ immersion and significantly reduce the time and cost of latter half of work. In particular, the background graphics implemented by the LED wall of “Team Studio” can not only track view or distance but also adjust the direction or flow of light according to the movement of camera that shifts without staying still.

SK Telecom is planning to build a “global content ecosystem” by using wired and wireless network infrastructure to lead hyper-cooperation and hyper-connection between “Team Studio” and various domestic and foreign studios. The company plans to form a consortium with major LED wall studios in South Korea to share infrastructure and capabilities.

Kim Hyuk, global media support manager for SK Telecom, said, “Team Studio will contribute to the development of media content industries by combining SK Telecom’s core technologies such as wired and wireless communication, AI (Artificial Intelligence), and cloud computing. We will lead the global media content production paradigm by strengthening cooperation with domestic and foreign media studios and industry collaboration.”

Source: Pangyo Techno Valley Official Newsroom