[Pangyo Tech] Safeware introduces a wearable airbag vest that can protect the safety of riders in July 2022 “Pangyo Monthly Online Meet Up“!

Provided by Gyeonggi-do

Gyeonggi-do held an “Online Meet Up” with Hoang Long Vo, editor of Vietnamese telecommunications company “Vietnamplus,” through a video conference on the 27th of last month to promote the value and corporate status of Pangyo Techno Valley to the world.

Safeware Co., Ltd. (CEO Bae Kyeong Ran) participated in the “2022 Pangyo Monthly Online Meet Up” held on the 27th of last month.

Safeware is a company that develops and manufactures wearable airbags for human protection just by wearing them which helps people prepare for safety measures for falls at construction sites. In addition to simply protecting the body by bursting an airbag in case of an accident, it automatically sends text messages and emergency calls including the location of the accident to the registered contact in conjunction with the smartphone app via BLE to help transport the victim quickly.

Besides industrial fall protective clothing, safety systems are developed and commercialized in various fields such as bike for sports and leisure, horseback riding, life jackets for water sports, fall protection airbag belts, infant suffocation prevention airbag systems, and life tubes for drones for throwing.

Safeware introduced wearable airbags for riders in thls online meet-up targeting the Vietnamese market, where there are many bike users. Safeware explained that the number of injuries and deaths from two-wheeled vehicle accidents has been steadily increasing over the past decade, so it was developed to reduce the number of deaths caused by two-wheeled vehicle accidents and contribute to the safety industry.

When the wearable airbag vest for the rider exceeds the operating distance of the safety strap that connects the rider to the bike due to collision or slipping in the event of an accident, the airbag expands within 0.2 seconds after the Key Ball is detached starting the inflater.

“There are many existing riding gears and protective suits on the market, but hard protectors which are partially necessary are uncomfortable to wear,” said Yoo Jenny, head of the overseas sales team at Safeware, who participated in the online meet-up. “Its wearable airbags for riders are safe, convenient, and aesthetically pleasing. Soft air protectors were introduced improving comfort and operability and absorbing shocks from slipping, sweeping, and falls even when accidents occur.”

She added, “It is a mechanical product rather than an electronic product that can accurately cope with various accidents that may occur in public roads. Its strength is that it can be used without worrying about errors in electronic sensors and lack of batteries and that it is also affordable.”

Yoo Jenny introducing a wearable airbag vest for rider in “2022 Pangyo Monthly Online Meet Up” | Image – Gyeonggi-do

Meanwhile, as one of the Pangyo Techno Valley promotional projects, “Online Meetup” is an event to share opinions online with start-up clusters around the world on major issues facing companies in Pangyo Techno Valley. In particular, the July meeting was a place to introduce companies in Pangyo and set up a venue to introduce new technologies from various startups.

The online meet-up video can be found on the Pangyo Techno Valley YouTube channel.

Source: Pangyo Techno Valley Official Newsroom