[Pangyo Tech] NHN to provide AI supervisor solutions for Army Human Resources CommandNHN to provide AI supervisor solutions for Army Human Resources Command

NHN (CEO Jung Woo-jin) would apply AI technology to create a smart talent pool management system of Army Human Resources Command.

NHN announced on the 10th that it signed an MOU with Army Human Resources Command and Incruit (CEO Seo Mi-Young) to provide AI supervisor solution technology for the creation of smart talent pool management of Army Human Resources Command.

This agreement would be implemented as part of successful digital transformation in Army Human Resources Command and its aim is to improve the existing system as well as improving evaluation of the MZ generation applicants to the Army who are more used to the digital environment. Discussion is underway to introduce services from paperless application to chatbot consulting in the selection process of chief officials in the future. 

NHN provides AI technology and solutions based on which an online essay exam is conducted at Republic of Korea Army Headquarters. NHN AI supervisor solutions of NHN AI business department are applied with AI technologies such as facial recognition that prevents cheating and eye tracking. An AI supervisor analyzes applicants’ facial expressions, body movements and noise using a front-facing remote camera when conducting an exam. When cheating or abnormal behavior is detected while monitoring applicants, it automatically collects suspicious sections and analyzes the footage later.

NHN has been recognized for its credibility and accuracy by ensuring fairness through detecting various forms of cheating in real-time with an AI supervisor that it introduced for an open recruitment of entry-level developers last year.

Through this MOU, NHN and Incruit would provide services by applying AI technology across the online evaluation system. Incruit would focus on running its own proctor. AI supervisor technology would be applied to examinations conducted of about 500 applicants in mid-November. After reviewing the results through follow-up care, the technology would be introduced gradually from next year.

An online evaluation to which AI supervisor technology and solutions are applied is expected to contribute to boosting efficiency of budget management and administrative tasks thanks to a significant reduction in resources, expenses, and time compared to offline essay exams.

Baek Do-Min, Director of Cloud Business Unit of NHN said, “with the rise of demand for online evaluation since contactless services became widely available during the Covid-19 pandemic, NHN has perfected AI supervisor solutions combining AI technology. We would make efforts to make sure that NHN’s AI technology can play its role as a foundation for digital transformation of the ROK Army.”

Source: Pangyo Techno Valley Official Newsroom