[Pangyo Tech] Mokibo introduces touchpad fusion keyboard ‘Mokibo Folio’… “Mouse and multi gesture feature use are all possible with this portable keyboard!”

Mokibo (CEO Eun-hyeong Cho), a company developing touchpad fusion keyboards, launched and introduced ‘Mokibo Folio’ fusion keyboard through the Youtube channel Pangyo Techno Valley, a global convergence R&B hub of global IT, BT, CT, NT, companies.

The ‘Mokibo Folio’ fusion keyboard is a compound keyboard with a function wherein its keyboard surface can also be used as a large track pad. It is a product born from the idea of the company’s CEO, Eun-hyeong Cho, who joined as a software engineer for LG Electronics and went through 11 years of diverse experiences from patent development, litigation, licensing, and next generation UX design and research.

The ‘Mokibo Folio’ fusion keyboard utilizes the keypad itself as a large touchpad without a separate extension or a mouse, having installed a smart mode switching algorithm and motion recognition technology with it. It is not only perfect as a portable keyboard with its compact features despite its multifunctional properties, but it can also be comparable with a mechanical keyboard as it allows the user to maintain a faster typing speed.

The ‘Mokibo Folio’ fusion keyboard is compatible with the latest versions of iOS, Android, Windows, Samsung DEX, Linux, Smart TV, Oculus Quest 2, etc. and also supports Bluetooth 5.1 (up to 10m). It can be multi-paired to a maximum of three units, and is equipped with a basic waterproof design. Moreover, the keyboard has a high-capacity battery that can last up to 60 hours upon charging for only 2 hours.

Mokibo’s ‘Mokibo Folio’ fusion keyboard is available in three colors: Red, Black, White, and supports both Roman and Korean characters and keyboards.

Using the fusion keyboard module, laptop manufacturers can save a huge amount of space from removing the space for its existing separate touchpad. As a result, not only will the laptop’s thickness be reduced by about 4.3% and its weight reduced by 3.9%, but also the surface area used for the touchpad will be increased thrice its usual size, providing its users mouse control convenience as well.

The keyboard can also be used as a smart home controller in the living room and a media controller for automatic vehicles, drawing attention to the possibility of future innovation.

The first generation of fusion keyboards was released in 2019 and received a great response from the market. Later on, the second generation of fusion keyboards was released in 2020, with notably improved touch sensor and performance as well as portability and has successfully raised 330 million Korean won on Kick starter, the world’s largest crowd funding site. After that, it has also successfully funded a total of 270 million Korean won at ZecZec, the largest crowd funding site in Taiwan, the home of high-end keyboards in the world and has then surpassed 1.1 billion Korean won in crowd funding alone, both locally and internationally, attracting the attention of many people.

Eun-hyeong Cho, the CEO of Mokibo, said “I struggled when I opened Mokibo in Seoul since I was a small company. I decided to move to Pangyo and work with talented engineers instead.” He added, “With the support of Pangyo Techno Valley, the company received so much help in software and hardware development as well as domestic and overseas marketing. Moreover, Pangyo is filled with a lot of companies that are similar to what we do so it is a favorable place for developers like us.”

Cho continued, “In the future, we also plan to expand the products that we can offer to foldable keyboards, tablet PC keyboards, and mechanical keyboards. We have already completed the fusion keyboard module in order to be applied to thin laptops and expand into B2B business. Through business partnerships with laptop manufacturers, we aim to have more people experience the magic of fusion keyboards. Currently, we are preparing for technical cooperations through NDA and MOUs with different global laptop manufacturers here and abroad.”

Meanwhile, Mokibo is expected to launch a cover-type fusion keyboard for iPad 11-inch and 12.9-inch by the end of this year.

Source: Pangyo Techno Valley Official Newsroom