[Pangyo Tech] Mokibo introduces ‘Fusion Keyboard’ with an integrated touchpad at the September 2022 Pangyo Monthly Online Meet Up… “Comes with a unique input device!”

With Gyeonggi-do’s goals to inform the world about the value and current state of Pangyo Techno Valley, an online meet up was held with Helena Stone, the editor-in-chief of GEEKSPIN, an American media outlet, via video conference on the September 27th.

Mokibo Co., Ltd. is a company that developed ‘fusion keyboard’. With the use of Mokibo’s own technology, the product has been researched and developed based on about 66 patents used worldwide. In 2015, it was introduced through Indiegogo, an international crowdfunding website in the United States, and it has gained a huge popularity in the current market.

The Fusion Keyboard is a touchpad-integrated keyboard which is a composite keyboard with the function of converting the general mechanical (Pantograph) keyboard plane into a large touchpad. It maintains the typing feeling of a mechanical keyboard, enabling fast typing that cannot be imitated by a virtual keyboard on a touch screen. In addition, it can be used as a portable keyboard, a keyboard for tablet PC, or laptop keyboard module.

It is about 40% lighter than a usual laptop keyboard and touchpad module and it also has a touchpad that is about 200% wider. Moving your arm is not required when controlling the mouse, thus the incidence of muscle syndromes decreases. In addition, it has the fastest mode switching speed between keyboard and mouse and it comes with a unique input device in tablet PCs, flexible notebooks, and dual display notebooks.

Jeff Cho, CEO of Mokibo, said, “The fusion keyboard has no limitations in the business field. It is open to ▲users who enjoy work and games using smart devices while on the move ▲users who use the keyboard a lot, such as accountants and programmers ▲users who are interested in electronic products along with other users in the B2C market and ▲ the B2B market that provides fusion keyboard modules to keyboard and notebook manufacturers etc.”

He continues, “This year, we launched the ‘Fusion Keyboard Folio’, which has further advanced technology. We have successfully completed crowdfunding in the United States and Taiwan, and we plan to proceed with funding in Korea and Japan. We will work with global partners to help more people live a convenient life through the fusion keyboard. In addition, we will gradually expand the scope of desktop fusion keyboards and foldable fusion keyboards to small laptops using fusion keyboards.”

Meanwhile, ‘Online Meetup’ is one of Pangyo Techno Valley’s PR projects. It is an event to share opinions online with startup clusters around the world on major issues of Pangyo Techno Valley companies. To be specific, this September meeting is an opportunity to introduce companies in Pangyo and it is a venue prepared to introduce new technologies from various startups. The online meetup video can be found on the Pangyo Techno Valley YouTube channel.

Source: Pangyo Techno Valley Official Newsroom