[Pangyo Tech] Minglecon introduces “gamification” to enhance thinking skills at “Pangyo Monthly Online Meet Up” in July 2022

Provided by Gyeonggi-do
CEO Jin Hyunjung introducing Minglebot AI in “2022 Pangyo Monthly Online Meet Up” | Image – Gyeonggi-do

Gyeonggi-do held an “Online Meet Up” with Hoang Long Vo, editor of a Vietnamese telecommunications company “Vietnamplus,” through a video conference on the 27th of last month to promote the value and corporate status of companies in Pangyo Techno Valley on the global stage.

Minglecon Co., Ltd. (CEO Jin Hyun-jung) participated in the “2022 Pangyo Monthly Online Meet Up” held on the 27th of last month.

As a venture-certified company, Minglecon has developed “gamification” that adds games to mathematics, science, language, and manner content, which are all approaches to computing thinking skills which would enhance children’s computational thinking skills in line with the artificial intelligence era. Through gamification, it provides content services combined with technologies such as AI robots, STEAM robots, mobile, web, and hands-on kits.

“Minglebot AI,” introduced at the online meet-up, provides interactive games, experience activities, cartoons, and songs so that teenagers can develop problem-solving skills using mobile apps, PC programs and physical kits.

Image – Gyeonggi-do 

“The 26.5 percent of children in the world suffer from problems such as anxiety, bullying and drug addiction,” said Jin Hyun-jung, CEO of Minglecon. And added, “the ability to solve problems is very important in living a complicated life wisely even as an adult beyond adolescence. We have conducted research and developed to enhance computing thinking skills, which are key capabilities of problem solving such as problem solving, decomposition, abstraction, algorithm, debugging, application, connection, automation, and optimization through gamification.”

“We have consistently built social media and YouTube channels and have nearly 80,000 views on our content. We have developed an international network, attracted nearly 300,000 users, signed five license agreements for export, and memorandum of understanding with many countries. A case study of 320 children conducted to see how Minglebot AI works including children facing problems found that problem-solving skills in data analysis, prediction, and communication has improved in 99% of all participants,” she added.

Meanwhile, “Online Meetup” is one of the Pangyo Techno Valley promotional projects, and is an event where start-up clusters around the world can share opinions on major issues facing Pangyo Techno Valley companies online. In particular, the July meeting served as a place to introduce companies in Pangyo and set up a venue to introduce new technologies from various startups.

The online meet-up video can be found on the Pangyo Techno Valley YouTube channel.

Source: Pangyo Techno Valley Official Newsroom