[Pangyo Tech] Kakao Mobility Starts Test Operation of ‘Electric Vehicle Valet Charging Service’

Kakao Mobility is partnering with ChargeEV, one of the largest EV charging service providers in Korea, to pilot an ‘electric vehicle valet charging service’ for electric vehicle users. The pilot service is provided for the visitors to Ediya Coffee Lab located in Nonhyeon-dong, Gangnam-Gu.

Kakao Navi’s ‘Valet Charging Service for Electric Vehicles’ is designed for electric vehicle drivers who are experiencing inconvenience due to the lack of infrastructure to meet the demand for charging, although the domestic electric vehicle penetration rate has increased by about 55%, compared to the previous year, of this year August, up to 310,000 units. The company is showing their vision to increase the convenience of use by integrating valet and EV charging, which have been provided as individual services, now into one service.

Before the official service launch, Kakao Mobility will conduct a trial service in the parking lot of ‘Ediya Coffee Lab’, which is operated as a 100% valet service, to reinforce the service quality and verify the serviceability for the users. After that, the goal is to officially launch the ‘electric vehicle valet charging service’ within this year and gradually increase the number of participating parking lots.

How to use: After registering the valet pass on Kakao Navi, enter the parking lot without any particular reservation process and request a service from the valet. By using ‘Kakao T Valet’ in the Kakao Navi app, you can get convenient services such as ▲ request for exit in advance ▲ automatic payment ▲ electric vehicle charging/valet service combined payment are provided, ▲ and service operation schedule ▲ and the price information can also be inquired in real time.

The fee is the sum of the service fee to the valet and electric vehicle charging fee. The fee for using the valet service in Ediya Coffee Lab, which is scheduled to be operated as a trial run, is 3,000 won, and the charging service can be selected between ‘Light (9,000 won)’ and ‘Standard (1,5,000 won)’ depending on the amount of the charge. During the trial operation period, a 20-minute charging service and aid service will be provided free of charge to the first 500 people as a promotion.

Kakao Mobility is also planning to hold a large-scale event for users of Kakao Navi’s ‘electric vehicle charging service’.

Up to 20% of the charge price will be provided in Kakao T points to all service users for two months until the end of October. The mileage rate varies by each charging station operator such as ▲charging fee (20%) ▲Ministry of Environment (15%) ▲general charging station (10%). Saved kakao T points can be used as cash for payment after using the services like taxi, chauffer, bike, and parking.

In addition, a coupon event for first-time users of the service will be held. Two welcome coupons worth 5,000 won that can be used for the month of September are immediately provided, and two additional thank-you coupons worth 5,000 won that can be used during this October are provided upon completion of the service use. The coupons can be found in the EV charging tab of the Kakao Navi app.

Ahn Gyu-jin, vice president of Kakao Mobility Business Division, said, “Kakao Mobility is constantly striving to realize its green mobility vision as a part of its ESG management.” “We will increase the accessibility and convenience for our users by expanding the realm of various smart services for EV drivers,” he said

Source: Pangyo Techno Valley Official Newsroom