[Pangyo Tech] Kakao Enterprise Joined Forces with KOMSCO for ICT Sector

Kakao Enterprise will work with KOMSCO to identify new business opportunity in ICT sector.

The Kakao group’s affiliate announced on November 18th that it signed a business agreement for strategic business cooperation in ICT sector at a meeting room of KOMSCO’s Seoul office. The event was joined by major officials including Kakao Enterprise CEO Baek, Sang-yeop and KOMSCO President Ban, Jang-sik.

Both parties agreed to launch a council for identifying cooperative projects in ICT sector. The cooperation is to generate a strong synergy between the two by integrating Kakao Enterprise’s ICT and infrastructure with KOMSCO’s blockchain-based mobile certificate Chak and know-hows of public projects including that of mobile drivers’ license and other national digital IDs.

In addition, they plan to join forces in various areas including cloud service, blockchain, Metaverse and AI-based businesses such as AI chat-bot, AIot, where AI and IoT are integrated.

KOMSCO President Ban, Jang-sik said, “We expect a positive synergy for the both organizations based on technologies and service operation know-hows of South Korea’s leading IT platform provider Kakao Enterprise; and KOMSCO’s strength in security technologies and experience of credibility-based public project.” He added, “The collaboration will propel the advancement of South Korea’s ICT industry and become a model of public-private partnership.”

Kakao Enterprise CEO Baek, Sang-yeop said, “We will promote the advancement of promising projects by integrating various programs of KOMSCO with digital technologies”. He added, “We will speed up the digital transformation and contribute to finding of various new businesses in security and authentication sectors.”

Source: Pangyo Techno Valley Official Newsroom