[Pangyo Tech] Hanwha Aerospace to publish the first sustainable management Report beginning ESG management “in earnest”

Hanwha Aerospace announced on the 22nd that it has begun ESG(environment, society and governance) management in earnest by publishing a sustainable management report for the first time on the 19th.

In the “2021 sustainable management report” containing last year’s ESG activities and achievements, Hanwha Aerospace introduced accomplishments that involve environmental safety and health management, social contribution, mutual growth, ethics and compliance management and information security.

The report followed global ESG report guidelines which are called GRI(Global Reporting Initiatives). And it was verified by Korea Management Registrar, Inc. a specialized verification agency for the third round.

An official from Hanwha Aerospace said, “we are planning to communicate values and accomplishments regarding the economy, society and environment with various stakeholders in a transparent manner through the sustainable management report.

Hanwha Aerospace acquired an integrated grade “A” in the “2021 ESG evaluation and grade announcement of listed companies” published last month by Korea Corporate Governance Service both last year and this year. In March, two female executives have been appointed for diversity of the board and in June, ESG committee consists solely of independent directors was launched.

Source: Pangyo Techno Valley Official Newsroom