[Pangyo Tech] Hancom Group to Launch New Businesses at CES 2022

Hancom Group is to open various new businesses including satellite, Metaverse and block chain technologies at CES 2022, an international electronic product exhibition that is held in January Next year.

The group said on November 11th that it will focus on new businesses at CES 2022 with around 100 staff.

HANCOM in SPACE, the group’s aerospace subsidiary is drawing attention with its plan for exhibition about Sejong 1-ho, an Earth observation optical satellite that is scheduled to launch in first half of next year. The satellite is low-Earth orbit small satellite which collects video data from 500 km above the Earth’s surface. HANCOM in SPACE is planned to launch series of Sejong satellites with Sejong 5-ho for the last one. Sejong 2-ho is scheduled for the second half of next year.

At the exhibition, the group will showcase a reconnaissance drone, HD-500 which was opened in September this year. At the opening, the group announced special purpose drones with various objectives including education, agriculture, national defense and industry will be launched.

In addition, Hancom Group will take the electronic show to present outcomes of its various new businesses including block chain and Metaverse.

Hancom Group’s block chain business is spearheaded by Arowana Project. The block chain businesses include Arowana Octasign and a gold-trading digital platform Arowana Goldmore. Arowana Project is aimed to establish an ecosystem for distributing and trading gold. The project is also aimed to build a block chain-based platform that enables guarantee, exchange and trade of gold so that individuals and businesses can easily trade gold. 

Particularly, the group plans business expansion through Arowana Octasign of its subsidiary, Hancom Codegate. Arowana Octasign is a technology to make data out of Octasign patterns which are invisible to bare eyes; and to encode images and sounds to various objects. The technology can be applied to authentication services, marketing services that are linked to ads and promotion events and virtual reality.

An official of the group said “The technology can be used in a variety of way including selling of a singer’s goods or CDs where his or her concert clips or autograph is attached with Octasign.” The official added “Detailed application of the technology is being explored.”

Other businesses of Hancom Group includes VBS4, a strategy simulation service based on Metaverse and XR Pandora, a platform for virtual education and meeting. VBS4 is a strategy simulation service of Bohemia Interactive. Various terrains and scenario of modern warfare can be designed and run on the service. XR Pandora is a platform for virtual education and work where users can share documents and chat with their voice by using their avatars.

An official of Hancom Group said “In case of exhibition concept, we’re exploring businesses of the group in general.” The official added that “The group is undertaking a survey to see which businesses need exhibition.”

Source: Pangyo Techno Valley Official Newsroom