[Pangyo Tech] Gyeonggi-do successfully hosts an ‘Online Meet-up’ with Vietnam to introduce companies Pangyo Techno Valley

Gyeonggi-do held an “Online Meet Up” with Hoang Long Vo, editor of Vietnamese telecommunications company Vietnamplus, through a video conference on the July 27th to promote the value and corporate status of Pangyo Techno Valley on the global stage.

As one of the Pangyo Techno Valley promotional projects, “Online Meet-up” is an event to share opinions online with start-up clusters around the world on major issues facing Pangyo Techno Valley. In particular, the meeting was organized as a place to introduce companies in Pangyo and participants had an opportunity to introduce emerging technologies from various startups.

An AI basic gamification service company “Minglecon,” a wearable airbag manufacturing and distribution company “Safeware,” a natural language processing technology-based AI company “MrMIND” participated in the meeting at which broadcaster Alex Sigrist was the emcee.

Jin Hyun-jung, CEO of Minglecon, said, “The ability to solve problems is necessary for anyone, anytime, anywhere. 26.5% of teenagers around the world suffer from problems such as anxiety, bullying, drug addiction, and drinking,” and added, “Minglebot AI, developed by Minglecon, provides interactive games, experience activities, cartoons, and songs so that teenagers can develop problem-solving skills using mobile applications, PC programs and physical kits.”

Yoo Jenny, head of the overseas sales team at Safeware explained, “The advantage of our product is not only to protect the body due to an airbag explosion in the event of an accident, but also to automatically send text and emergency calls including the location of the accident to the registered contact in conjunction with the smartphone app via BLE to quickly transport the victims.”

“We are targeting Vietnam, where there are many bike users. The wearable airbag vest for riders expands within 0.2 seconds as the Key Ball is detached from the operating distance of the safe strap that connects the rider to the bike due to collision and sliding in the event of an accident triggering an inflater. This helps actively protect the rider’s body, including his or her head, neck, back, spine, chest, and lumbar.”

Kim Dong-won CEO of MrMIND said, “We developed and manufactured robot caregivers for the elderly’s physical and emotional health care with the vision of ‘Let’s give happiness to the elderly through artificial intelligence technology’. Its robot caregivers provide personalized notifications such as waking up, sleeping, and taking medicine for the elderly, and the robot tries to talk first and acts as a companion. In addition, the safety of those living alone can be managed through the emergency notification function that appears on the mobile phone of the worker in charge of life support when dangerous words such as “I want to die” and “I’m depressed” emerge.”

Meanwhile, the online meet-up video can be found on the Pangyo Techno Valley YouTube channel.

Source: Pangyo Techno Valley Official Newsroom