[Pangyo Tech] Gyeonggi-do successfully hosted ‘Online Meet-up’ to introduce Pangyo Techno Valley’s companies

The ‘Online Meet-up’ event was held with Helena Stone, Editor-in-Chief of the American media ‘GEEKSPIN’, through a video conference on the 27th. Gyeonggi-do held the event to inform the world about the value and current status of Pangyo Techno Valley.

‘Online Meet-up’ is one of Pangyo Techno Valley’s PR projects, and an event to share opinions online with global startup clusters on major topics in Pangyo Techno Valley companies. In particular, this meeting was prepared as an event to introduce companies in Pangyo, and an opportunity to introduce new technologies of various startups.

The event was hosted by MC Alex Sigrist, and a total of three companies, ▲ Breezm, 3D printing customized personal eyewear company ▲ Mokibo, touchpad fusion keyboard manufacturer, ▲ Mediaiplus, global clinical trial data and CRO-linked service provider participated in it.

Zenma Park, CEO of Breezm, said, “I want to help glasses wearers who have troubles with their mismatched glasses.” He added, “There is no wasted material because the frame can be manufactured through 3d scanning to fit the wearer’s features, thereby reducing the pain of wearing glasses. And because it is 3D printed, it offers a frame that’s six times lighter.”

Jeff Cho, CEO of Mokibo said, “The fusion keyboard is a composite keyboard that converts a general mechanical keyboard into a large touchpad. We have our own technology based on 66 patents applied around the world.” He added, “Mokibo is aiming at B2C business, including users who enjoy work and games using smart devices while on the go, users who use a lot of keyboards like programmers, and those who are interested in electronic products. But the company is also open to B2B, which provides fusion keyboard modules to keyboard and notebook manufacturers.”

Jung Ji-hee, CEO of Mediaiplus, said, “Based on AI-based ‘Medi C’, which calculates clinical trial similarity and predicts key keywords, and provides domestic and foreign clinical trial data, Mediaiplus helps customers visualize clinical trial planning based on big data and meet requirements with ‘FICRO’, a clinical contract agency matching solution.”

She continued, “There was a waste of time and money with the existing clinical trial consignment method, and it was difficult for small and medium consignment institutions to find customers because they lacked means to promote them. To complement this, we developed Medi C and FICRO, and our main business targets are pharmaceutical companies preparing for clinical trials, bio ventures, and clinical trial consignment organizations.”

Meanwhile, the Online Meet-up video can be found on the Pangyo Techno Valley’s own YouTube channel.

Source: Pangyo Techno Valley Official Newsroom