[Pangyo Tech] Gyeonggi content agency to release 24 promising companies on Gyeonggi START Pangyo Demo Day

Gyeonggi Culture Creation Hub run by Gyeonggi content agency would host “Gyeonggi START Pangyo Final Demo Day” on the 18th and 25th.

Demo Day refers to an event where a startup attracts investments by disclosing its prototype or business models to investors.

The Demo Day would be held as part of “Gyeonggi START Pangyo Acceleration Program,” a public-private partnership content start-up development project.

The Gold Ark x Spark Lab Consortium, a professional start-up planner (accelerator), and The Next Lab x Startup Research Consortium will be organized on the 18th and 25th, respectively to host the event.

In addition, investment experts from Douzone Holdings and Eugene Investment & Securities will attend according to the schedule to promote investments in fledgling companies (start-ups).

This year’s Demo Day will be broadcast online minimizing the scale of offline event in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Anyone interested in major investors and start-ups can watch it on the YouTube channel, “Gyeonggi Culture Creation Hub”.

An official from Gyeonggi content agency said, “The business environment of startups is deteriorating due to changes in the external environment such as COVID-19,” adding, “We will continue to promote partnership-based programs with private investors to strengthen the competitiveness of startups in Gyeonggi Province and attract investment.”

The “Gyeonggi START Pangyo” program is fostering a total of 24 startups (12 companies by program) along with two professional start-up planners (accelerators) this year. Participating companies have attracted a total of 3.4 billion won in investment over the past six months.

Gyeonggi Culture Creation Hub is a space for supporting startups created by Gyeonggi-do and operated by Gyeonggi content agency. It provides customized services for startups such as start-up education, free space provision, investment attraction, and networking. Currently, it runs startup support programs specialized in professional fields in Pangyo, Northern Gyeonggi-do (Uijeongbu), Goyang, and Gwangmyeong.

Source: Pangyo Techno Valley Official Newsroom