[Pangyo Tech] GBSA is Building a Pangyo Test-Bed for AI

Gyeonggido Business & Science Accelerator (GBSA) announced on December 2nd that it will begin the test-bed building project for AI technology demonstration.

The test-bed project will enable AI firms in Pangyo Techno Valley to easily use Gyeonggi-do’s infrastructure in the area for proving and testing their new products and services. The test-bed will provide Pangyo citizens with an opportunity to experience new technologies while supporting fast commercialization of innovative idea.

The project is led by the Ministry of Science and ICT and managed by the National IT Industry Promotion Agency. The central government will inject 19.5 billion Korean won, for three years, by 2023. The fund will be handled by Gyeonggi-do government. Having been selected for the project, the GBSA publicly collected AI projects for the demonstration test-bed on July.

The 7 selected projects covered the AI-plus-mobility sector with the “smart crosswalk for pedestrians’ safety” and the “smart driver monitoring system for safe deriving”, the living sector with the “AI-based skin and scalp condition check system” and the “AI-based immersive content” and disaster prevention sector with the “AI-based unmanned security service for households”, the “AI-based valley/stream monitoring system” and the “AI-based industrial safety management service”.

The GBSA’s the fourth industrial revolution division Director Chung, Kwang-yong said, “We will continuously work to support testing and commercializing of AI technologies based on the AI demonstration test-bed that is under construction.”

Source: Pangyo Techno Valley Official Newsroom