[Pangyo Bio & Medical] Gazi Lab introduced a personalized wellness platform at the Naver D2SF Media Meetup… “Targeting the Consumer-Oriented Healthcare Market!”

Healthcare startup, Gazi Lab (CEO Young-in Kim), introduced a personalized wellness platform at the ‘Naver D2SF Media Meet-up’ held at the Naver D2SF office in Seocho-gu, Seoul on the 17th.

Gazi Lab is a company established under the slogan of “To make everyone have a healthy today” and is developing a consumer-oriented wellness curation platform by jumping into B2C healthcare market where B2B oriented development was dominating.

They pointed out that the healthcare market is currently company-oriented such as insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies, which creates an environment for users to have a lack of health literacy and a structure where it makes users buy manufactured medicines rather than what is right for them. Gazi Lab is developing a platform to improve this consumption structure.

Gazi Lab plans to provide consumers with optimal solutions and communities across wellness areas such as nutrition· exercise· sleep· rest after identifying individual problems through a questionnaire. They are currently designing a questionnaire system that can precisely understand an individual’s health status and needs and will launch an official product in 2023.

In addition, they formed the ‘Startup Infirmary Project’. By creating a wellness community dedicated to startups without an in-house medical institution, it will provide ▲non-face-to-face doctor consultation to create an environment ▲personalized questionnaire for self-diagnosis ▲customized product· location recommendations to provide knowledge. Participation of this project is possible through programs mainly used by startup developers without developing an app or website separately.

Young-in Kim, CEO of Gazi Lab, said, “In order to consume healthy healthcare, ‘self’, ‘environment’ and ‘knowledge’ must be satisfied, and we came up with an indicator that the closer they are, the healthier it is. Current healthcare is focused on a specific disease rather than an individual to come up with a solution, but our solution focuses on the individual and approaches the patient according to the patient’s surrounding environment and condition.”

He continued, “The healthcare field can be widely used in the data field; therefore, we are looking forward to the possibility of collaboration with Naver. When a large quantity of data is collected, it will be possible not only to check the health status but also to make predictions, which will create a great synergy.”

Naver D2SF held the ‘Naver D2SF Media Meetup’ for the second time this year. It was a place where invested technology startups from D2SF directly presented and demonstrated their technology. At the media meetup that day, recently invested immersive technology startups, Gaudio Lab and z-emotion introduced their future business growth plans and synergy with Naver followed by Gazi Lab and Predictiv.

Source: Pangyo Techno Valley Official Newsroom