[Pangyo Tech] Flex-Gyeonggi CCEI-Ainomis, signing MOU… “AI psychoanalysis and digital therapy platform for the elderly are under development”

Flex Co., Ltd, an AI mental care start-up based on emotional data, recently signed a business agreement with the Gyeonggi Creative Economy Innovation Center, (hereinafter referred to as the Gyeonggi CCEI), and Ai-nomis Co., Ltd, to discover innovative business using AI psychological analyses.

The three companies were selected for the ‘non-verbal AI psychoanalysis and digital treatment platform development for the elderly’, which falls into bio-health field out of the BIG 3 new industrial fields for the SME Technology Innovation Development Project, and formed a consortium to perform tasks more efficiently, signed an agreement

“The Technology Innovation Development Project for SMEs” is a representative R&D project of the Ministry of SMEs and Startups, which supports SMEs to boost their technology level and corporate size through the technology development. It supports eight key tasks in promising fields such as semiconductors and biotechnology.

Through this agreement, the consortium plans to do a lot of cooperative work with each other, such as ▲business discovery using AI psychoanalysis technology and mutual exchange between related technologies ▲platform establishment and technology development for digital therapeutics ▲extension of trial services using the platform.

Flex is a developer of ‘KidsDiary’, an AI psychological analysis video diary service and character counseling app service for infants and young children. The project will also be expanded to target those suffering from geriatric depression which includes social isolation, fear of loneliness, and suicidal thoughts in the aging society with the elderly population of 10 million where the number has been rapidly increasing in recent years.

The Gyeonggi CCEI is planning a pilot service for residential welfare facilities for the elderly in Gyeonggi-do, and Ai-nomis plans to advance non-verbal psychological analysis and build a digital treatment platform with Gyeonggi CCEI.

Yoon Sun-il, CEO of Flex, said, “We are aiming to verify the effectiveness of digital treatment along with early diagnosis of depression in the elderly who have similar cognitive abilities to infants and have low recovery resilience.” “We will do our best to ensure that a healthy mind is set in everyone in all ages, from infants to adults,” he added.

Kim Si-won, CEO of Ai-nomis, said, “We will utilize our core technology, ‘No-code AI (a consulting system that can develop AI based on retained data).’ He added, “We plan to focus on developing solutions that enable early diagnosis of depression through analysis of various emotional data of the elderly.”

Meanwhile, Flex was selected for the 2021 ‘KB Unicorn’ program of the Gyeonggi CCEI and received professional customized support such as commercialization support and mentoring and moved in to Pangyo Entrepreneurship Zone this year as Gyeonggi CCEI’s incubator start-up.

Source: Pangyo Techno Valley Official Newsroom