[Pangyo tech] Breezm introduces ‘personal eyewear’ produced by 3D scanning & 3D printing at Pangyo Monthly Online Meet-Up in September 2022

The ‘Monthly Online Meet Up’ was held with Helena Stone, Editor-in-Chief of an American media ‘GEEKSPIN’, through a video conference on the 27th. The event was planned by Gyeonggi-do to inform the world about the value and current status of Pangyo Techno Valley.

Coptiq, Inc., established in 2017, is operating a brand ‘Breezm’ that manufactures and sells personal eyewear. Breezm produces personal eyewear by providing ▲3D scanning technology that measures a consumer’s face ▲big data that recommends a style that suits the consumer ▲3D printing and laser cutting technology for frame manufacturing.

Breezm’s products can be customized to the exact size of the face to reduce the pain of wearing a pre-made frame for glasses wearers who suffer from mismatched glasses. Using 3D scanning technology, 100,000 points can be used to find glasses that fit the users’ face features in a matter of seconds.

In addition, Breezm uses 3D printing to manufacture eyeglass frames to reduce plastic waste. There is no wasted material and there is no waste in stock, which helps to protect the environment. It is 6 times lighter than the existing acetate frames and the frame does not break or bend.

Zenma Park, CEO of Breezm, said, “Our brand has won the CES 2022 Innovation Award, the iF Design Award and the Red Dot Design Award. Since 2018, 22,000 consumers have purchased the personal eyewear, and the cumulative sales are KRW 10 billion.” He added, “I hope that consumers in the US market will also be able to buy and use our light and long-lasting eyewear in a simple way.”

Currently, Breezm operates 6 offline stores in the Seoul metropolitan area, and plans to release an application for mobile commerce.

Meanwhile, ‘Online Meetup’ is one of Pangyo Techno Valley’s PR projects, and it is an event to share opinions online with startup clusters around the world on major topics in Pangyo Techno Valley companies. In particular, this September meeting was an event to introduce companies in Pangyo, and provided a venue to introduce new technologies of various startups. The Online Meet-up video can be found on the Pangyo Techno Valley’s YouTube channel.

Source: Pangyo Techno Valley Official Newsroom