[PANGYO ISSUE] Pangyo Technovalley Weekly News, News from the Third week of November

-NAVER to Kick Off “DEVIEW” on Nov. 24th

NAVER announced on November 8th that it will hold the biggest conference in South Korea for developers, DEVIEW 2021 on November 24th online.

The three-day conference marks its 14th anniversary this year. This year’s conference will share the experience and know-hows of Naver’s developers who are expanding the company’s presence in the global stage based on with NAVER LABS Europe, Z Holdings Corporation, and Global AI R&D Belt.

The conference will cover various technologies including backend, mobile, cloud, machine learning, hyperscale AI and the Metaverse with 116 sessions, more than any time before.

Live Booths of Naver’s technology divisions will be opened to hold meet-ups for developers and for online employment consulting.

Every session, including the key note speeches, is available on DEVIEW’s website and NAVER TV.

-Wadiz to attract a 100 billion Series D investment

Wadiz has successfully attracted a series D investment worth 100 billion won. It is planning to expand into a comprehensive funding platform for startups and SMEs through with the Lotte Group, which participated in the investment as a strategic investor.

Wadiz announced on the 10th that it attracted a total of 100 billion won worth of series D investment from Lotte Corporation and the Korea Development Bank. Lotte Corporation made investments worth of 80 billion won. It hopes to work with Wadiz using on infrastructure of in various fields including food, distribution, manufacturing, finance, logistics, and other services.

Wadiz has received a total investment of 147.5 billion won. Wadiz has paved the way for a series D investment in two years and six months since it attracted 3.1 billion won in series C investments where Shinhan Venture Investment, DS Asset Management, Korea Investment Partners and Smilegate Investment took part in in May 2019.

Wadiz is planning to spend the money on expansion in the financial sector, providing marketing support for participating startups and advancing the Wadiz platform.

-Hancom Group to Launch New Businesses at CES

Hancom Group is planning to open various new businesses including satellites, the Metaverse and block chain technologies at CES 2022, the international electronic product exhibition that is held in January Next year in Las Vegas.

The group said on November 11th that it will focus on new businesses at CES 2022 with around 100 staff.

HANCOM in SPACE, the group’s aerospace subsidiary, is drawing attention with its plan for exhibition of the Sejong 1-ho, an Earth observation optical satellite that is scheduled to launch in first half of next year. The satellite is low-Earth orbit small satellite which collects video data from 500 km above the Earth’s surface. HANCOM in SPACE is plamning to launch series of Sejong satellites with Sejong 5-ho being the last one. Sejong 2-ho is scheduled to launch in the second half of next year.

At the exhibition, the group will showcase a reconnaissance drone, HD-500 which was opened in September this year. At the opening, the group announced special purpose drones with various purposes including education, agriculture, national defense and industry that will be launched.

In addition, Hancom Group will reveal the work of its other businesses, including including block chain and Metaverse, at CES.

Hancom Group’s block chain business is spearheaded by Arowana Project. The block chain businesses include Arowana Octasign and a gold-trading digital platform Arowana Goldmore. Arowana Project is aimed to establish an ecosystem for distributing and trading gold. The project aims to build a block chain-based platform that makes it easy for individuals and businesses to trade gold. 

-NHN to provide AI supervisor solutions for Army Human Resources Command

NHN will apply AI technology to create a smart talent pool management system for Army Human Resources Command.

NHN announced on the 10th that it signed an MOU with Army Human Resources Command and Recruitment to provide AI supervisor solution technology for the creation of a smart talent pool management of Army Human Resources Command.

This agreement would be implemented as part of successful digital transformation in Army Human Resources Command, and its aim is to improve the existing system as well as improving evaluation of the MZ generation applicants to the Army who are more used to the digital environment. Discussion is underway to introduce services from paperless applications to chatbot consulting in the selection process of chief officials in the future. 

NHN provides AI technology and solutions based on which an online essay exam is conducted at the Republic of Korea Army Headquarters. Facial recognition is also used to prevent cheating. It even uses eye tracking. An AI supervisor analyzes applicants’ facial expressions, body movements and noises using a front-facing remote camera when conducting an exam. When cheating or abnormal behavior is detected, it automatically collects suspicious sections and analysis later.

NHN has been recognized for its credibility and accuracy by ensuring fairness through detecting various forms of cheating in real-time with an AI supervisor that it introduced for an open recruitment of entry-level developers last year.

Source: Pangyo Techno Valley Official Newsroom