[PANGYO ISSUE] Pangyo Technovalley Weekly News, News from the second week of May

– LIG Nex1 and Hancom InSpace to start robotic muscular assistance business

LIG Nex1 has joined forces with Hancom InSpace, an affiliate of Hancom Group, to make wearable muscular assistance robots widely available.

LIG Nex1 announced on the 3rd that it has signed a memorandum of understanding with Hancom InSpace for the implementation and joint commercialization of LEXO technology at the Pangyo R&D Center in Gyeonggi-do on the 2nd.

LEXO is a wearable robot that LIG Nex1 has been conducting research on and developing since 2010. There’s the “LEXO-W,” a non-motorized upper extremity muscle supporting wearable robot, and the “LEXO-V,” an ultra-lightweight muscle-assisted wearable robot that can be worn under one’s clothes. These are the two main endeavors that the two companies have decided to focus on.

The two robots do not have a driving device, so they are easy to use and easy to maintain. They also can provide services such as real-time location information and human data analysis in conjunction with the positioning module.

LEXO-W and LEXO-V are being used on a trial basis for operational continuity in the defense sector and transportation of heavy goods in the public and private sectors.

In order to expand the business, the two companies decided to cooperate with each other in (1) sharing related patents and technical data, (2) expanding marketing in the private and public sectors, (3) strengthening production and maintenance.

LIG Nex1 CEO Kim Ji-chan said, “As more and more attention has been drawn to preventing musculoskeletal disorders in workers due to the Serious Disaster Punishment Act that took effect this year, we are looking forward to growing demand in the future.” And added, “we will be in active collaboration with Hancom InSpace to lead the future robotics market.”


– Naver Webtoon Anna Sumanara to be unveiled on Netflix

Naver webtoon Anna Sumanara will be produced as a drama and broadcast worldwide through Netflix.

According to Naver on the 6th, Netflix will release a drama that goes by the same name as the original webtoon, Anna Sumanara, in 190 countries.

The story is about Yoon Ah-Yi, a girl who had to grow up quick at a young age due to poverty, and Ri, a magician. It is one of the biggest works of Ha Il-kwon, who published the webtoons: Sambong Barber Shop, Afterschool War Activities, and God of Bath.

The series was produced as a six-part fantasy music drama with directing and screenplay by Kim Sung-Yoon of Love in the Moonlight and Discovery of Love and Kim Min-jung of Love in the Moonlight.

Previously, the webtoon Anna Sumanara was serialized in Naver’s Monday webtoon from June 2010 to January 2011. You can check it out on Naver Webtoon, Naver Series, and PC.

– Hanwha Aerospace to ship the 3rd engine of Nuri

Hanwha Aerospace announced on the 4th that it held a 75-ton engine shipment ceremony for the Korean space launch vehicle “Nuri” at its Changwon site in Gyeongsangnam-do on the 2nd. Nuri’s 75-ton class engine is South Korea’s first space launch vehicle engine developed with its own technology and has even completed performance verification through flight tests. It is designed to withstand both liquid oxygen at minus 180 degrees and high temperature such as 3,300 degrees Celsius caused by combustion. As the space launch vehicle engine technology is rarely shared by space powerhouses such as the United States and Russia, the technological barriers are high, and it poses significant economic burden.

Hanwha Aerospace started supplying 75-ton class engines to Nuri in March of 2016 and manufactured and delivered 46 engines, including thirty-four 75-ton class engines and twelve 7-ton class engines. The engine that was shipped this time will be used for the third launch of the Nuri later on. The three stages of the Korean Space launch vehicle Nuri will be equipped with a total of six engines, including four 75-ton class engines in the first stage, one 75-ton class engine in the second stage, and one 7-ton engine in the third stage. And Hanwha Aerospace has produced all of these engines.

In the Nuri development project, the government has deployed 1.5-ton class practical satellites in low-Earth orbit (600 to 800 kilometers) between 2010 and 2022. 300 companies will participate, and just shy of 2 trillion won will be budgeted. Hanwha Aerospace is participating in the manufacture of engines, turbo pumps, valves, and establishing test facilities. Going forward, it will produce additional Nuri engines according to the “Korean space launch vehicle (Nuri) advancement project.”

CEO of Hanwha Aerospace Shin Hyun-Woo said, “We have been doing the space launch vehicle business since 1999.” And added, “Someday, we will become an aerospace giant in the space business.”

– Nexon’s new game DNF Duel to reveal a teaser video

Nexon Korea (CEO Lee Jung-hun) announced on the 6th that it has released an official teaser video on the 6th ahead of the release of DNF Duel, or (Dungeon & Fighter) Duel, in South Korea and around the world.

The teaser video released through the “DNF Duel” YouTube channel exudes intensity as it presents nine main characters, giving its unique story and action scenes at a rapid pace. It also shows popular characters featured in the original Dungeon Fighter, including Berserker, Grappler, Inquisitor, Ranger, Hitman, Kunoichi, Crusader, Sword Devil and Vanguard, raising expectations for the new work.

In addition, the service was announced with the phrase “AVAILABLE ON JUNE 28” on the console platform “PlayStation (PS 4·5)” and the gaming distribution platform “Steam,” signaling that it will be launched soon. It plans to provide not only Korean users but also global users in Japan, North America, and Europe with a sense of action and unique fun for a competitive fighting game.

“DNF Duel” is a 2.5D graphic-based combat game using “Dungeon & Fighter” IP with 850 million global fans and is being jointly developed by a Japanese video game developer Arc System Works and Neople, known for their fighting games “Guilty Gear” and “BlazBlue.”

Moreover, it has been adopted as an official event for the first time in the “Arc World Tour 2022,” a global fighting game competition held by Arc System Works in the second half of this year.

Source: Pangyo Techno Valley Official Newsroom