[Pangyo Issue] Pangyo Technovalley Weekly News, News from the second week of August

RebuilderAI partners with ‘MEGAPLAN’ in order to secure a large amount of live-action-based virtual space data

‘RebuilderAI’, a company specializing in 3D modeling artificial intelligence (AI) solutions, and Megaplan, which has actual image-based spatial modeling technology, have signed a business agreement to build a virtual space. Through this business agreement, RebuilderAI will secure a large amount of actual image-based virtual space data.

RebuilderAI is a company that has expertise in AI and AR·VR technology that allows anyone to create 3D models easily and quickly from videos using only mobile phones. RebuilderAI was recently selected as a ‘Foreign investment attraction promising company’ by Invest Seoul. They have further strengthened their competitiveness by allowing users to freely use the automatically converted 3D model according to the user’s convenience.

Megaplan is a VR and AR specialized company that provides 3D spatial models optimized for the 4th industrial revolution. They have the expertise on implementing offline to actual, close to real life image like 3D. Starting with the implementation of the Lotte Hotel in Hanoi as a virtual hotel, they have recently attracted attention in the domestic 3D space market with their 3D virtualization of domestic hospitals.

RebuilderAI recently participated in the 3D asset data construction business and showed high interest in building object data.

Meanwhile, RebuilderAI was selected and supported by the 2022 KB Unicorn Club which was hosted by the Gyeonggi Center for Creative Economy & Innovation and KB Kookmin Bank, NEST, conducted by Korea Credit Guarantee Fund, and TIPS, a private investment-led technology startup support program.

Nexon unveils teaser video for ‘The First Descendant’, a new global looter shooter genre game

Nexon confirmed the official name of the new looter shooter ‘Project Magnum’ as ‘The First Descendant’ under development from their subsidiary Nexon Games and released a new teaser video.

The First Descendant is a new game in the looter shooter genre that combines third-person shooter combat and RPG. It is a triple A game with core values of high-quality visuals implemented with Unreal Engine 5, spectacular 4-player CO-OP shooting action, and sustainable RPG.

By releasing a teaser video and key visual through new trailer of The First Descendant, Nexon is preparing for global service. They are also planning a beta test to target the global market from October 20th to 27th. The beta test will be available through Steam, and anyone who pre-registered through the store page before the test can participate in the test.

Beom-jun Lee, PD of Nexon Games, said “The First Descendant is a game that maximizes the fun of shooting action and RPG based on the next-generation engine. This will provide fun and excitement that was not available through any domestic game, and we hope you will experience it for yourself.”

Neowiz Hosts Online Indie Game Festival, “BIGS 2022”

NEOWIZ Corp. announced that “Banggusuk Indie Game Show 2022, BIGS 2022”, the event many Korean indie game companies are participating, will take place on the 11th.

BIGS 2022, which runs until the 17th, is an online indie game festival designed to help indie game companies’ promotion. At BIGS 2022, with the event website, people can experience various unique styles of indie games and check out the video clips of latest games. The event is co-hosted by Neowiz, Seoul Industry Promotion Agency, and Gyeonggi Content Agency and sponsored by Seoul Metropolitan City, Gyeongggi Province, Google Play Indie Festival, Twitch, Megazone Cloud, Inven, Ruri Web, and Iron Source.

A total of 185 Korean game makers and 30 overseas indie game makers are participating in BIGS 2022. There will be an award show, “BIGS AWARD”, which selects outstanding games among the participating games. The total prize amounts to 16 million won, and there will be 12 winners in 6 categories including Top3 released games (G-Rank Challenge Seoul Prize), Top 2 unreleased games, Metaverse Special Award, Jury Award, Encouragement and Popularity Award, as a result of the sum of judges’ evaluation and audience’s vote.

Also, there will be a gift event where some of online voters get the chance of winning. During the BIGS 2022, earliest 200 voters who go to the website and vote for their favorite games and upload a photo that proves their vote on the event application page can get a free ice cream “Gifticon” coupon. During the event, anyone who click “like” or “retweet” of the event post on official BIGS tweeter channel, can participate in the lottery that gives Bluetooth portable keyboard and coffee coupon as a prize.

There will be a live streaming that introduces the participating games and shows its videos at 1 pm, on the 11th. More information about BIGS 2022 can be found on its official website.

Aloha Factory Attracts 6 Billion Won worth Series A Investmentv

A casual game developer/publisher Aloha Factory announced that the company successfully attracted a Series A investment of 6 billion won.

This round of investment was led by LB investment. Korea Investment Partners, Crit Ventures and POSCO Technology Investment also participated in the deal just as the last round of investment.

Aloha Factory is the company that has steadily developed hyper-casual games, and since the hyper-casual genre has characteristics of easy and intuitive gameplay, anyone in any age group can enjoy the game. Aloha factory released “Kiss in Public’ in August of 2021 and recorded total cumulative downloads of 10 million. Also, “Dragon Island”, an arcade idle game released in March this year, reached 4 million downloads. Recently, “Monster House,” a defense genre game was released, which helps the company expand the genre horizon and is a spur to its consistent release.

“It is our vision to make games that can win many fans’ heart for a long time”, said Lee Ho-jin, the CEO of Aloha Company. He add, “We have advanced the production process of the games and acquired our know-how by producing more than 150 prototypes and releasing more than 20 mobile casual games.” Lee expressed his ambition saying, ”With this round of investment, I believe we can expand our game genres to ‘midcore casual’, and contribute to Korea’s mobile causal game ecosystem by partnering with other startup game makers.”

Park Ji-hyeong, a senior reviewer at LB investment pointed out, “Aloha Factory is a company that is in the same line with the global market trend of hybrid casual games. The company shows off its creative ideas and driving force, which makes me expect its business will grow in the future.”

Quick News

Naver BAND surpasses 150 million downloads on ‘10th Anniversary of Release’

Naver announced that their community platform BAND, which celebrated its 10th anniversary since the service launched, has surpassed 150 million in cumulative application downloads.

Joo-Kwan Kim, CEO of Naver Group & CIC, said, ““The reason BAND has been able to see growth for such a long time is because it is sensitive to the needs and trends of users and we have made an effort to quickly incorporate them into the service,” adding that, “We will further develop BAND into a platform that incorporates ‘all gatherings in the world’ using Naver’s differentiated expertise and technology for community services.”

Gyeonggi Center for Creative Economy & Innovation TeamGRIT to hold 5G ultra-low latency ‘Remote Robot Wars CoPlay 2022’!

The event is part of the ‘5G ultra-low-latency WebRTC-based metaverse open platform development project’, which is being promoted by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups and exclusively managed by the Korea Technology and information Promotion Agency for SMEs, to demonstrate the ultra-low latency remote control service.

The Remote Robot Wars CoPlay 2022 will be held through a 5G ultra-low-latency remote control service and will be divided into; ▲ PICK DROP event in which a robot is controlled remotely while looking at the monitor to move blocks with tongs, and ▲ SHOOT event in which a robot is controlled remotely to aim and shoot at a goal.

Krafton to unveil “Project M” and “Calisto Protocol” for the first time at Gamescom 2022

Krafton’s independent studios Unknown Worlds and Striking Distance Studios (SDS) are set to meet fans from all over the world at “Gamescom,” the world’s top 3 game show held in Cologne, Germany.

Unknown Worlds’ new work “Project M” is under development by the production team that has already proven their capabilities through the Subnautica series, and is aiming for early access within this year.

“The Callisto Protocol” is produced by Glen Schofield, the creator of the blockbuster survival horror franchise “Dead Space” and is expected to open a new world of the survival horror genre with horror engineering techniques used for its development.

Source: Pangyo Techno Valley Official Newsroom