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Kakao Enterprise upgraded “Kakao I Connect Live 2.0”

Kakao Enterprise revealed Kakao I Connect Live 2.0, the live streaming service, on Sep. 26, 2022. It enables users to access live streaming en-masse and network with one another, thanks a lot to reinforcing A.I. technology.

With society going contactless, experiences of video or sound streaming changed from one-way experiences to multi-faceted ones where all users can participate and interact with one another. To keep up with the trend, Kakao Enterprise Upgraded the Kakao I Connect Live 2.0 by improving A.I. technology-based interactive factors and scalability. With that, a large influx of people is able to join as many online events in real-time in various ways.

In a live-streaming environment, up to 2000 people can watch a live video, more than double from 1,000 people. Now 500 people can participate in a virtual meeting, up from 100 people, and 1000 people are allowed in a chat room instead of the previous number of 100.
Even though thousands, if not millions of users are trying to log in at the same time, the service guarantees the previous short waiting time: half a second. In addition, the stable environment enables 99% of the “connection success rate.”

Even if a large number of people flock all together at once, the “active speaker” designed to enable users to talk with one another by detecting several users’ audio channels is now recognizable, thereby allowing many people to have a conversation at the same time.

Convenience and efficiency in development have also increased. Kakao iConnect Live 2.0 integrates SDK, which was previously divided into three categories: call, broadcast, and meeting, with the aim of helping developers to produce various services such as one-on-one (1:1) meeting, one-to-many broadcasting (1:N), and many-to-many(N: N) meeting depending on the purpose of live streaming. In addition, the previous payment plan was expanded into four different plans to make those plans affordable. So, developers of live streaming platforms can feely invent new platforms.

A variety of statistical information is offered. That way, managers can gain insights from data instead of simply monitoring events. Companies will use it as a business analysis indicator to receive information on individual streaming time, the number of participants, average participation time, users by browser, and users by operating system from the console.

Kakaoenterprise will provide separate subtitles and sequentially unveil various virtualization settings and live streaming screen mixing and recording functions within this year based on the industry’s best natural language and Korean language processing technology. On top of that, the platform will be further upgraded so that companies or developers can provide live streaming in games or metaverse services along with various functions.

Choi Jin-ho, the leader of the Kakao Enterprise Connect Live Team, said, “The combination of Kakao Enterprise’s own global A.I. technology and real-time live streaming technology allows us to realize what we call “Kakao i Connect Live 2.0,” in which thousands of people can interact with one another simultaneously.” “Kakao i Connect Live 2.0 is a service that has already verified its technology and stability through Kakao Work video conferencing, webinars, and voice chatting, which is used directly by Kakao Enterprise.”

He continued, “We plan to work harder to upgrade our services to satisfy the needs of customers who want performance and fun elements comparable to large-scale simultaneous access role-playing games (RPGs) for real-time live streaming events.”

Meanwhile, more information about Kakao i Connect Live 2.0 can be found on the Kakao i Connect Live web page.

Gyeonggi Center for Creative Economy & Innovation, Signed MOU with LG Electronics to discover innovative start-ups

The Gyeonggi Center for Creative Economy and Innovation (hereinafter referred to as the Gyeonggi CCEI) announced that it had recently signed a business agreement with LG Electronics’ H&A headquarters to promote a collaborative open innovation program linked to star-tups.

Through this agreement, the two companies will jointly promote the ‘LG Future Home Tech Innovator with GCCEI’ program. This program is an open innovation program to create synergy through business development cooperation between innovative start-ups and LG Electronics’ H&A headquarters. LG Electronics H&A Headquarters promotes promising startups and open innovation, and Gyeonggi Innovation Center supports them.

After the collaboration matching with promising start-ups, the Gyeonggi CCEI plans to provide various follow-up support such as ▲ commercialization funding and business link support ▲ reviewing the aid of office space in Pangyo for star-tups ▲ and direct and indirect investment linkage to Gyeonggi CCEI

The recruitment period is until the 21st of next month (Friday), and the fields for the application are technology and service proposals for realizing LG Electronics’ UP home appliances, and proposals for new business ideas linked to home appliances. Details are on the Gyeonggi CCEI Open Bridge website.

An official with the Open Innovation at Gyeonggi CCEI said, “Through this agreement, we will actively support cooperation between LG Electronics’ H&A headquarters and promising startups.” He added, “We are looking forward to the synergy effect that the open innovation with promising domestic and foreign startups will bring.”

Meanwhile, since 2016, the Gyeonggi CCEI has jointly operated open innovation programs with partners such as KT, BMW Group Korea, NongHyup Agribusiness Group, Lotte World/Lotte Cultureworks, Daekyo, KB Kookmin Bank, and LG Display, and has carried out more than 200 business developments including PoC, strategic investment, and commercialization.

Nexon Unveils New Mobile MMOSLG ‘Civilization: Reign of Power’ for the First Time!

Nexon is introducing a mobile MMOSLG (multiple access strategy simulation game) using the intellectual property of Civilization developed by 2K, a US game developer/a subsidiary company of Take-Two Interactive Software.

Nexon (CEO Lee Jeong-heon) unveiled for the first time a new mobile MMOSLG ‘Civilization: Reign of Power’ developed by NDREAM Inc.
NDREAM, the developer of ‘Civilization: Reign of Power’, has experience in creating and successful strategy simulation games such as ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: Tides of War,’ ‘CrossFire: Warzone’, and ‘Uncharted Wars: Oceans & Empires.’

‘Civilization: Reign of Power’ is based on ‘Sid Meier’s Civilization 5’, a popular game in the Civilization series, and is unique as the first MMOSLG genre of mobile games using ‘Civilization’ IP. It includes large-scale PvP content in the units of alliances while faithfully inheriting the fun of various growth factors and development strategy in the original game.

Nexon opened the official teaser trailer website for ‘Civilization: Rain of Power’ and raised expectations for the release of the new game with its catchphrase, ‘Do you want to civilize on mobile?’ In addition, the teaser trailer revealed the game’s brand identity (BI) along the keywords of civilization.

Seo Yong-seok, assistant general manager of Nexon’s Live Publishing Division, said, ” “While Civilization: Reign of Power inherits the core identity of the original Civilization, such as the development of civilization through the eras and attributes of its victory conditions, certain new elements exclusive to the new game further add to the fun and enjoyment.” He added, ” “We have collaborated with NDREAM, the strategy-simulation expert, with an aim to provide the best possible experience. We hope that everyone is looking forward to the game.”

The teaser trailer for ‘Civilization: Reign of Power’ can be found on its official YouTube channel.

Soynet won the prize called “Smart AI Innovation” at the Forth Industrial Revolution Power Korea

An artificial intelligence service execution optimization solution company, named Soynet won the Smart AI Innovation Award at the “2022 4th Industrial Revolution Excellent Company.”

4th Industrial Revolution Excellent Company is the name of the event that is co-hosted by the National Assembly’s 4th Industrial Revolution Forum and the Korea Journalists Association and sponsored by eight government ministries, including the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy and the Ministry of Science and ICT. This event has been held every year since 2015 to reward companies for leading industry 4.0 in order to increase the competitiveness of the ICT convergence industry and disseminate exemplary cases.

At this 7th event, Soynet won the award in recognition of its excellence in software solutions and key technology that supports the lightening of AI models.

Soynet Solution helps AI companies run services or applications faster. In addition, it can achieve a breakneck speed and reduction in GPU memory usage when compared to AI frameworks such as “TensorFlow” and “Pytorch.”

The company was also selected as TIPS, a technology start-up support program organized by the Ministry of SMEs and Start-ups, and is speeding up the last stage of development of “SoyNet Nature,” an operation-oriented MLOps solution. “SoyNet Nature” is a comprehensive support solution for AI model management, distribution, and monitoring with existing SoyNet execution optimization solutions. The release is slated for November, and Soynet Nature is expected to increase the efficiency of operating AI services for corporate customers.

Since its establishment in 2018, Soynet has secured more than 30 domestic and foreign customer companies, including POSCO and Hyundai Steel, and has been working with Medical Standard last year after completing a distribution contract. Plus, the company demonstrated PoC with a public company based in Singapore by conducting local sales partners abroad.

Kim Yong-ho, CEO of Soynet, said, “As of 2022, the artificial intelligence market is at a turning point in moving from learning to execution, and I think services in the application field will sprout up in the near future. “Soynet wants to be a partner when AI service companies are blazing a tail,” he said.

In addition, Soynet is a company invested by Gyeonggi Center for Creative Economy & Innovation and was selected as a “start-up leap package support project” by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups and Start-up Promotion Agency in 2022 and receives specialized support such as commercialization and mentoring.

Quick News

– Mr Mind is partnering with MG Factory to promote welfare of elders.

Mr Mind and MG Factory have signed a business agreement to expand business areas and develop products in the welfare market for elders.
Through this agreement, the MG Factory’s “Smart Green Wall,” which is equipped with Mr. Mind’s artificial intelligence (AI) technology, will be installed in the senior citizen center to provide various healing effects such as visual and emotional stability to the elderly and contribute to improving welfare for the elderly.

– Neowiz unveiled PFP NFT project based on Cats &Soup I.P.

Neowiz announced that it will introduce the PFP NFT (Profile Picture Non-fungible token) project called “ERCC (Early Retired Cats Club)” using the intellectual property (IP) of the mobile healing game “Cats and Soup.”
PF NFT can be used as a profile on various channels such as communities and social media, and “ERCC” is the first NFT project with “Intella X” and its partner company “Polygon.” This is the first time that a domestic game company carries out a PFP NFT project.

– Naver proves global-level voice AI technology at ‘Interspeech 2022’

Naver put forward eight research papers at “Interspeak 2022,” the world’s largest and most comprehensive conference on the science and technology of spoken language processing, proving its global level of voice AI technology.
Interspeech, in its 23rd anniversary this year, is one of the world’s largest conferences of spoken language processing along with ICASSP, and thousands of voice AI experts from around the world attend the event every year to share the latest research results. This year, it runs at Songdo Convensia in Incheon from Sep.18 to 22.
Naver presented eight papers in total at this Interspeech, and five of which were adopted for oral presentations. With the papers published by Line, the number of published papers reaches 12.

Source: Pangyo Techno Valley Official Newsroom