[Pangyo Issue] Pangyo Technovalley Weekly News, News from the First week of September

Neowiz’s ‘The Lies of P’ wins three crowns at Gamescom Awards 2022 for the first time in Korea

Neowiz announced that ‘The Lies of P’, the company’s own work currently under development, became the first in the Korean game industry to win three crowns at the ‘Gamescom Awards 2022’.

The winners of the ‘Gamescom Awards’ held at Gamescom, the world’s top three game show, held in Cologne, Germany on the 27th (local time) were released on IGN’s YouTube channel. That day, the Lies of P was selected as ‘Best Action Adventure Game’ and ‘Best Role Playing Game’.

At the ‘Opening Night Live’ on the 23rd (local time), as it was selected as the ‘Most Wanted Sony PlayStation Game’, the game collected three trophies at the ‘Gamescom Awards’.

The game won the most trophies at ‘Gamescom Awards 2022’, and the win is more meaningful in that it is the first achievement for a Korean game. In 2021, FromSoftware’s ‘Elden Ring’ won ‘Best Action-Adventure Game’, ‘Best Role-Playing Game’ and ‘Best PS Game’, and gained worldwide popularity after its release.

The winner ‘The Lies of P’ is a souls-like single-player action RPG. With realistic graphics set depicting the Belle Epoque era at the end of the 19th century, its unique universe inspired by the classic ‘Pinocchio’ and adapted into a dark fairy tale, and stunning action sequences brought a lot of expectations for a global hit in the market. It is currently under development for console and PC platforms and is planned to be released in 2023.

Neowiz participated in Gamescom from August 24th to 28th as an exclusive booth. At this event, The Lies of P released a new trailer video and a two-hour demo that the audience could play, and announced that the game entered Microsoft’s Xbox Gam Pass. In particular, after the trailer video was released, the Lies of P was mentioned the most frequently on Twitter in the United States, recording ‘top trend’ and a lot of overseas media outlets including ‘PC Gamer’ in the UK, ‘FAMITSU’ in Japan, and ‘IGN’ in the USA all acclaimed the game.

Meanwhile, Neowiz announced that its casual healing adventure game, ‘Aka’ also won two awards. Aka was selected for the ‘Best Unity Game’ at the Gamescom’s ‘Indie Arena Booth Awards’ and the ‘Gamescom 2022 Indie CommUnity Choice Award’ hosted by Unity. The ‘Indie Arena Booth’, in which Aka participated, is an annual event that has been held with Gamescom since 2013, and is the mecca of game promotion for indie developers around the world.

Choi Ji-won, the project director in charge of the Lies of P’, said, “I think that the winning of three gamescom trophies is the proof of global expectations for the game. We will do our best until the Lies of P represents the game industry of South Korea.”

Hikvision Unveils ‘AIoT Remote Monitoring Solution’ for Flood Prevention

Hikvision, an IoT solution provider, announced an AIoT-based remote monitoring solution for the management of water resources such as dams, and flood prevention..

Hikvision’s AIoT-based remote monitoring solution is a technology that can track the situation of the river in real time 24 hours a day, and the collected data is sent directly to the management system, making it efficient to understand and manage the water resource operation status. It is easy to identify water level changes through technologies such as water level recognition algorithms, and to verify subsequent data by collecting data and storing on-site photos. In fact, in 2019, Hikvision established a joint research institute with the hydrological management center in Zhejiang Province in southeastern China, which makes the company equipped with more information base and AI technology.

The water resource remote monitoring solution supports the administrators to easily understand the task assignment and processing status such as water level measurement and leakage check through the floodgate inspection management application. The application’s inspection-engine-based technology can simplify inspection tasks and improve both efficiency and quality.

Two remote monitoring devices installed at the water level observation stations on both sides of the river output one set of data every 5 minutes on average, so a total of 576 data can be collected every day. In addition, the daily business management application can automatically record and calculate the figures, and display the highest and lowest water levels so that ehe result can be easily compared with existing records. It automatically calculates the difference between the data collected by the primary monitoring device and the secondary monitoring device, and the system automatically suggests corrections in case there is any problems such as missing data.

Hikvision applies hologram technology for comprehensive analysis, enabling real-time visualization and monitoring of data such as soil moisture, evaporation and equipment condition in rainfall. When the water level rises above the set threshold, the smart notification gets activated.

The smart notification system simultaneously presents both current and past videos and data records, to facilitate response and timely supports the prevention of natural disasters such as floods. It also provides devices such as hyperspectral water quality monitors to enable access to all types of hydrological data, applying real-time intelligent IoT functions,

Tai, the CEO of Hikvision Korea, said, “Hydrology, the field that studies the generation, distribution and chemical properties of water on Earth, is like measuring the pulse of a river through changes in indicators such as water level, flow rate, and velocity.” “Hikvision’s AIoT-based remote monitoring solution, which applies the technology developed through hydrological research, is expected to help accumulate data for local water resource management and protection by identifying and managing the latest water resource management status in real time,” he added.

He continued, “The existing hydrological monitoring has risks and difficulties because it was based on on-site visits, and the need for a safer and more efficient measurement method has grown. So in order to contribute to protecting the safety and security of the waterfront, we plan to cooperate with our partners to expand the remote monitoring system for water resources using AIoT technology.”

Smilegate Investment establishes ‘Fintech Fund No.1’ worth 30 Billion KRW

Smilegate Investment announced that it will organize the ‘Smilegate Fintech Investment Association No.1’ (Fintech Fund No.1) worth 30 billion KRW and begin to discover and invest in companies that will lead the future financial sector.

The organization of this first fintech fund is the initial step in the plan to launch a financial group announced by the Smilegate Group. Earlier this year, Smilegate Group declared its vision to establish a global financial group through the separation of affiliates and introduce a financial platform that combines new technologies like artificial intelligence (AI).

Smilegate Investment expects the fund to contribute to the development and foster new financial technologies to further improve the financial service environment. Consequently, Smilegate Holdings invested 29 billion KRW in the first fintech fund and participated as the sole investor.

The main investment field will be focused on the securities sector among the existing financial industries. It will focus on new technologies and services that enable more people to easily enjoy financial benefits and innovate customers’ trading experiences.

The number of portfolios is expected to be around 20 and it is planned to invest between 500 million to 2 billion KRW each for fintech companies in the Pre-A to Series B phase.

Kyung-woo Seo, Chief Fund Manager of this fund quoted, “We have studied the promising industries including fintech for years in the company to prepare for the fund.”And also added “We will make full use of our experience in investing in outstanding local and foreign fintech businesses such as Wadiz, Fount, Akulaku.”

Rising Wings, to Conduct Global Pre-Test for ‘Defense Derby’

Krafton subsidiary Rising Wings has announced the global pre-test schedule for real-time strategy defense game “Defense Derby.”

“Defense Derby” is a strategic defense game with a real-time auction system added, a new feature in the tower defense genre. Four players must obtain cards through auctions and create decks with these cards to defend their castles and become the last man standing to win. With strong synergy effects able to take place depending on a card’s species, attributes, and placements, users can enjoy strategic gameplay by coming up with various card combinations.

The pre-release test is designed to present a fully developed game that incorporates players’ opinions prior to the game’s official launch. It will be held this coming September 15 to September 30, and the game will be available on Google Play for users interested in participating to download and experience it.

“‘Defense Derby’ will bring forth a more immersive, intense gameplay through strategic card combinations that enable numerous synergy effects and an auction system that can help players identify their opponents’ next move,” says Rising Wings’ vice president Moon-chul Kang. “We look forward to everyone’s interest and participation in the global pre-test prior to the game’s official release,” he adds.

Quick News

– Mr.MIND signs MOU with battery manufacturer ‘Power Bank Systems’

Mr.MIND announced its signed business agreement with the battery manufacturer Power Bank Systems for the cooperation of building a successful artificial intelligence industry.

This agreement was signed to develop artificial intelligence businesses such as AI Care Robots and to provide the production of drone batteries. Through this MOU with Power Bank Systems, Mr. MIND is planning to upgrade the performance the charging time, lifespan, and stability of the batteries used in AI Care Robots in the future.

– AhnLabTIP(Threat Intelligence Platform) introduces Deep Web · Dark Web(DDW) Monitoring Function

AhnLab introduced a “DDW (Deep·Dark Web) Monitoring Function” that provides advanced threat intelligence by collecting and processing various cybersecurity threats from deep web, dark web, and underground forums on its next-generation threat intelligence platform “AhnLab TIP”.

AhnLab TIP’s newly added “DDW Monitoring Function”includes ▲Keyword search for numerous cyber threat information distributed in anonymous networks such asTor Network/I2P, ▲IOC (Indicator of Compromise) and attacker information from the Deep· Dark Web, ▲Checking exposed organization and service account data in the Deep· Dark Web, and ▲Various threat trend data such as DDW trend reports.

– TUNiB, launches Open Beta Service for AI-based English Chatbot “BLOONY”

The artificial intelligence (AI) startup TUNiB, based on natural language processing announced that it will start the open beta service for “BLOONY”, an AI- based English chatbot. ‘BLOONY’ introduced by TUNiB is a character with the concept of a ‘friend that likes to travel’ and depicts a cloud that can travel anywhere around the world.

Kyu-byeong Park, CEO of TUNib said, “We have put in a lot of effort to create the floating cloud character “BLOONY”, that can naturally gain the ability to speak to users,” and added “We plan to focus on upgrading BLOONY’s conversation skills in the future and introduce more character chatbots.”

Source: Pangyo Techno Valley Official Newsroom