[PANGYO ISSUE] Pangyo Technovalley Weekly News, News from the first week of November

-From Klaytn·DeFi to blockchain-based games? People are paying attention to Neowiz Games

Medium-sized gaming company Neowiz Games has developed games in various genres, including social casino games, and it’s getting the stock market’s attention. For the past four years, other than the gaming business, it’s main business, Neowiz has also focused on virtual assets.

According to the Korea Exchange, Neowiz Holdings, the parent company of Neowiz Games, saw some positive activity in the market at the end of last month.

The stock market is paying a lot of attention to expectations of Neowiz group’s connection to virtual assets. Reflecting on the cases of WeMade and the merger of GAMEVIL and COM2US, analysts say that Neowiz Games is also expected to connect various new businesses to blockchain.

In actuality, Neowiz Holdings is a holding company of Neowiz group and it has made investments in blockchain business through a subsidiary NeoFly. Neowiz Holdings started to invest in the blockchain project in 2017 for the first time for this industry, and it is participating in node operating projects of various blockchain platforms at home and abroad. It is also serving as a company that verifies block creation of Klaytn, a blockchain platform developed by Ground X which is the blockchain subsidiary of Kakao.

-POSCO ICT to host Youtube content to raise awareness on people with disabilities

Deok-gyun Jeong CEO of POSCO ICT said on the 25th that it hosted a Youtube content contest with people who have disabilities and teenagers who would like to become professional YouTube content creators one day as participants.

The contest which was hosted for the third time this year by POSCO ICT and the Seongnam Community Rehabilitation Center, received a total of 221 applications from August. The theme of the contest was raising awareness of issues that people with disabilities face.

There were one Minister of Health and Welfare Award, two POSCO ICT Awards, two Korea Association of Persons with Physical Disabilities awards, four participation awards and ten challenge awards under the categories of people with disabilities and teenagers.

The Minister of Health and Welfare award for people with disabilities was awarded to Soo-bin Go who made a film introducing the daily life of people with disabilities in order to combat the stereotype that people with disabilities are limited and always in need of able-bodied people’s help.

-“We will pour all the business capabilities into developing blockchain technology”… Why did WeMade acquire a blockchain subsidiary?

“Our dream that we talked about on the day of starting a blockchain business has become a tangible reality. WEMIX is a global gaming blockchain, and it is about to seize an opportunity to become the key currency of games. This is just the beginning.” This is a quote from Hyunguk Jang, CEO of Wemade.

WeMade chose blockchain tech as a future growth engine and has decided to acquire a subsidiary Wemade Tree and put a heavy focus in this area. WeMade is planning to change the paradigm of the blockchain industry, going beyond simple blockchain gaming development to issuing a Non-fungible tokens.

WeMade publicly announced its decision to takeover Wemade Tree on the 25th of last month. Its purpose is to improve corporate and shareholder value through strengthening its capabilities of blockchain-based gaming services and expanding a WEMIX platform project. The merger is scheduled to be held on February 1st, 2022.

Wemade Tree is a blockchain startup that was created in January 2018 in order to carry out a new blockchain business of WeMade. For the past three years, it has developed WEMIX, its own blockchain platform, and it has worked on a cryptocurrency wallet and WEMIX DEX, a de-centralized exchange.

The gaming industry is one of the areas in which the blockchain technology can be quickly applied due to certain characteristics of gaming, such as cyber money, purchasing items, and general compatibility with the blockchain technology.

-Organoid Sciences to host a webinar on a new organoid-based drug

Organoid Sciences, a biotech company that specializes in organ analog models (or organoids), held a webinar for the first time, opening a new chapter of its new drug development program. Organoid Sciences hosted a webinar on “an organoid-based platform that boosts chances of success of new drug development” online on the 29th of October.

At this webinar, Ji Hyo Kim, head of the new drug development team, gave a lecture under the topic of “the introduction of an organoid-based evaluation model.” She introduced the usage of organoids and the need for a clinical prediction models during the development process of new drugs.

Organoid Sciences is being recognized for its unique technology in organoid-based regenerative treatment.

A good example is the development of the intestines, salivary glands, and uterine organoids using ‘ATORM,’ an organoid culture platform. It addresses fundamental problems by overcoming limitations of existing regenerative treatments for certain difficult-to-treat diseases. It was certified as a high-tech product by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy and chosen as an inter-ministerial regenerative medical technology development project proving its technological prowess.

Before the event, CEO Jongman Yoo said, “quick decision-making and higher chances of success are important when developing new a drug. I hope we would be able to provide information about the unique technology of Organoid Sciences at this webinar.”

Source: Pangyo Techno Valley Official Newsroom