[Pangyo Issue] Pangyo Technovalley Weekly News, News from the 2nd week of November

Alchera Got Their Facial Recognition Solution ‘International Organization for Standardization’ Certification

Alchera announced that its facial recognition solution has passed iBeta’s ‘Presentation Attack Detection (PAD) test in the US. It is the first in Korea to get certification for a ‘passive method’ face recognition solution applicable to general cameras.

iBeta is an independent testing institute certified by the National Institute of Standards and Technology in the United States. It is a research institute that tests various software functions and verifies their performance in accordance with international standards. iBeta’s verification tests are the only way for facial recognition software companies worldwide to objectively prove their technology. Through this verification, Alchera has obtained a facial recognition solution certification that complies with the ISO/IEC 30107-3 standard of the NIST.

Alchera’s facial recognition solution test was conducted with a camera with general specifications, and with 100% probability, the solution was able to distinguish fake faces disguised as other people. Alchera is the first in Korea to get certification for a ‘passive method’ solution that automatically detects a person’s face by applying the function to a general camera, instead of a ‘depth camera,’ without requiring specific actions such as face position adjustment.

Alchera plans to expand the global market for its facial recognition solutions through this international standard certification. As contactless communication has become common around the world since the Covid pandemic, the need for identity verification solutions in various areas including the prevention of identity theft in the financial sector, access control of companies and institutions, and security automation is growing, and this technological verification is expected to win Alchera the competitive edge. Alchera has been making business contracts for the identity verification system with domestic banks, securities companies, insurance companies, and public institutions such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs using its AI facial recognition technology.

Hwang Young-gyu, CEO of Alchera said, “Passing the iBeta test, the internationally recognized software function test, proves Alchera’s advanced AI technology competitiveness through active learning data construction and product commercialization.” He added, “As it is a solution that can be applied to general cameras, companies and institutions with a need for facial recognition and identification will be able to apply our service more efficiently and economically.”

Urban Sharing Economy Launches Unmanned Cigarettes Sales with Its Facial Recognition Entrance Function!

Urban Sharing Economy Co., Ltd., a social venture company that develops and operates “AISS Go,” a Korean-style unmanned sales system, got ▲ “unmanned alcohol and cigarette vending machine” that can sell alcohol and cigarettes together, ▲ 24-hour store access through facial recognition, “facial recognition entry/exit device’ selected as a key technology for the ‘Smart Shop Technology Supply Project” of the Ministry of Small and Medium Venture Business and the Small Enterprise Market Service.

 ‘Smart Store’ is a small business support program of the Ministry of SMEs and Startups and the Small Enterprise Market Service, and with the state subsidy, the general type supports up to 5 million won and the lead type supports up to 15 million won and the small business owners get charged only 30% of the expense.

The Urban Sharing Economy has supplied unmanned alcohol vending machines with facial recognition technology to small business stores, and plans to provide an ‘unmanned alcohol and cigarette vending machine’ that can sell both together.

Before the program, the Urban Sharing Economy was selected as a technology supplier for the ‘Smart Shop’, a small business support program, and the company is supplying alcohol vending machines to small business stores.

Its CEO Park Jin-seok said, “With the additional selection of facial recognition entry/exit device and cigarette vending machines, the Urban Sharing Economy’s small business store project, ‘clerk-operated by day, unmanned at night’ system is expected to grow more.”

More information can be found on the Small Enterprise Market Service’s Small Business Smart Store website.

Gyeonggi Center for Creative Economy and Innovation and Philosophia Ventures Start Joint Investment & Follow-up Management for Start-ups

The Gyeonggi Center for Creative Economy and Innovation (hereinafter referred to as the Gyeonggi CCEI) recently signed a business agreement with the new VC Philosophia Ventures Co., Ltd. to discover and invest in startups.

Through this agreement, the two companies are expected to jointly invest in start-ups and take care of follow-up management.

After investing in promising startups, the Gyeonggi CCEI is planning to provide various follow-up support such as ▲ commercialization fund support and linkage (including TIPS program) ▲ reviewing provision of office space in Pangyo to startups ▲ linkage of direct and indirect investment with the Gyeonggi CCEI and Philosophia Ventures.

Philosophia Ventures is a new domestic VC established in 2022. Focusing on the start-up team from the seed stage to series A stage, the company discovers, invests, and nurtures start-ups in various industries such as crypto and Metaverse B2B SaaS, healthcare, logistics, education IT, commerce, and AI.

An official from the investment team at the Gyeonggi CCEI said, “With this agreement, we will actively support startups’ investment attraction together with VCs.” He added, “We will actively match start-ups with investors from the early stage of their business, and help them continue to attract follow-up investment.”

The Gyeonggi CCEI invested in 25 early-stage companies this year, and two of the target companies were recommended and selected for TIPS program. It plans make a Fund of Funds in the second half of 2022, and is expected to discover, invest, and nurture more startups next year.

Nexon and Lotte World open a large-scale new attraction

Nexon Co., Ltd, in partnership with Lotte World Adventure (hereafter referred to as Lotte World), is opening a new attraction Kart Rider Racing World using Kart Rider intellectual property.

Kart Rider Racing World, introduced on November 9, is the third collaboration between Nexon’s Kart Rider IP and Lotte World. This is a large-scale new attraction with a width of 1980㎡.

Lotte World is introducing a kart track where visitors can ride a go-kart and drive a 150m long track. Both the track and the go-kart are decorated with the illustrations of Kart Rider: Drift, the latest work of ‘Kart Rider’ IP. Up to 8 users can run various courses such as straight and curved courses, up-hills and downhills, and even a race.

In addition, to commemorate the memories of Kart Rider Racing World, there will be a photo zone decorated with a podium, and a photo booth where visitors can get their own fictional driver’s license.

Kart Rider Racing World | Image – Nexon Co.

Nexon will also hold an on-site event to commemorate the partnership with Lotte World. Anyone who visits Kart Rider Racing World over two weeks until the 22nd of this month and participate in the social media authentication event can receive an acrylic key ring in the shape of a “Bazzi” character in Kart Rider: Drift on a first-come, first-served basis.

On October 28th, Nexon invited users of Kart Rider and Kart Rider Rush Plus to Lotte World to let them experience and interact with the Kart Rider Racing World attractions together with the game developers and influencers.

Kart Rider: Drift is an official sequel to Nexon’s popular IP, Kart Rider. This next-generation racing game is equipped with 4K UHD graphics, HDR (High Dynamic Range) technology, and Dolby Atmos sound to provide the users with a realistic and immersive racing experience. The global pre-season will open on PC and mobile on January 12th, 2023.

More information about Kart Rider Racing World can be found on the event page.

Quick News

Nexon, reveals 9 entries for ‘G-Star 2022’

Nexon Co., Ltd. held a press conference at the 1994 Hall of Nexon Pangyo office building for the ‘Nexon G-star 2022 Preview’ and introduced detailed information about the 9 entries to be presented at the international game exhibition ‘G-Star 2022’. Nexon will be operating 300 booths, the single largest scale in the BTC hall from the 17th to the 20th at the ‘G-Star 2022’ held in Bexco, Busan.

Participating offline for the first time in 4 years, Nexon unveiled its main slogan of the year, ‘Return(歸還)’ for the first time. Nexon changed its new game development strategy to ‘selection and focus’ in 2019, and ‘Return’ contains Nexon’s will, to return to the basics and to present users with games that have been developed focusing on fun.

Krafton, participates in ‘G-Star 2022’ 6 years in a row

Krafton Inc. announced that it will participate in the international game exhibition ‘G-Star 2022’ (hereinafter referred to as G-Star) held from November 17th to the 20th in BEXCO, Busan (hereinafter referred to as Bexco).

Krafton will showcase various game intellectual properties (IP) through the experience zone and the stage at the BTC Hall (Booth A04, first floor), the first exhibition hall in Bexco. The strategy is to meet the expectations of the visitors and to provide a variety of gaming experience through presenting games made by independent studios with differentiated creative identities, centered around ‘PUBG: Battleground (hereinafter referred to as Battleground), Krafton’s main IP.

KM Solution receives a commendation from the Minister of Science and ICT at the ‘2022 Korea Digital Innovation Award’

KM Solution, a subsidiary of Kakao Mobility’s transportation franchise, received a ministerial commendation at the ‘2022 Korea Digital Innovation Award’ for the ‘management of platform-based temporary taxi driving qualification.’

The ‘platform-based temporary taxi driving qualification management’, which received the ministerial commendation, was devised by KM Solution, implemented in Kakao T Blue for the first time in the domestic platform taxi industry in September 2022, and spread throughout the platform taxi industry. It was highly assessed as such for serving as a positive stepping-stone for the inflow of new personnel and the revitalization of the market in the taxi industry for the past two years.

Source: Pangyo Techno Valley Official Newsroom