[Pangyo Hot Issue] Kakao Games-Wemade conclude strategic business alliance for the new mobile MMORPG Mir 4

Kakao Games and Wemade are gathering their strengths to successfully launch Wemade’s Mir 4.

With the launch of the new mobile MMORPG Mir 4 ahead Kakao Games (CEO Nam Gung-hun and Cho Gye-hyeon) and Wemade (CEO Jang Hyeon-guk) signed a strategic business alliance on September 16.

This business alliance was proceeded to promote more business growth opportunities by actively utilizing the strengths of the two companies and creating business competitiveness and synergy.

The two companies are planning to conduct all-round marketing collaboration for the pre-order and official opening of WeMade’s Mir 4 released on the second half of 2000.

In addition, with Kakao Games’ specialized marketing solutions such as social marketing and pre-order advertisements, Wemade plans to actively plan joint promotions and gather.

In the future, starting with the marketing for Mir 4, the two companies are expected to continue a close relationship by focusing their capabilities to secure competitiveness in the mobile business. Also, by connecting Mir IP and Kakao Platform, they are also planning to introduce a variety of advanced customized marketing for the game.

Wemade CEO Jang Hyeon-guk said, “If we combine the outstanding contents of Mir 4 and the platform competitiveness of Kakao Games,  we will be able to secure market competitiveness and also create a great synergy effect. We will do our best to provide stable service by actively cooperating with Kakao Games.”

Kakao Games CEO Nam Gung-hun said, “We are happy to present a customized social platform model optimized for Wemade’s masterpiece Mir 4. To successfully launch the game, we are planning to develop a high-density marketing by segmenting the user base, so please look forward to it.”

The Legend of Mir 2 is a major game debuted in the Korean market in year 2000 that pioneered Korean Wave in games enthralling 500 million people around the world. After first being introduced in China, it is picked as one of the three major historical fictions in China comparable to the Records of the Three Kingdoms and Journey to the West. It has grown into a mega IP that boasts a game market of 9.4 trillion won with historical fiction-type games in China.