[Pangyo Game & Contents] Naver Webtoon Lore Olympus wins the Eisner Award of the US

Naver Webtoon’s original webtoon “Lore Olympus” won the Will Eisner Comic Industry Award for Best Webcomic.

The Eisner Awards are the biggest yearly awards for the comics industry which was created in 1988. They are named after one of the twentieth century’s great American artists, Will Eisner. It is sometimes referred to as the comics industry’s equivalent of the Academy Awards.

Every year, a select panel of judges chooses candidates for each category among series published thls year and announces the winners at the San Diego Comic-Con, the largest entertainment festival in the United States.

The Best Web Comics category selects the best online comic book series of the year. According to Naver Webtoon, thls is the first time that a vertical scroll webcomics has won in the webcomic category.

“Lore Olympus” is a modern retelling of the relationship between the Greek goddess of spring and king of the underworld Persephone and Hades. It was first released in 2018 through Naver Webtoon’s English service, WEBTOON, and officially began serialization in Korea in August 2020. It had been viewed over 1.2 billion times globally.

Rachel Smyth is an author from New Zealand who made her debut through CANVAS, WEBTOON’s self-publishing platform founded by Naver.

CANVAS is a creative space platform for amateurs that applies “Challenge League” to the global market, a User Creative Contents (UCC) bulletin board built by Naver Webtoon. Currently, 820,000 amateur creators from around the world are gathering to create a global ecosystem.

Kim Hyung-Il the leader of Northern American Business sector of Naver Webtoon, said, “We are happy to be recognized for our efforts to steadily promote webtoons to the U.S. market from the beginning. We will continue to do our best to promote various webtoons’ literary value and quality content in the global market.”

Source: Pangyo Techno Valley Official Newsroom