[Pangyo Game & Contents] WeMade starts ESG management in earnest

WeMade reported that it has begun ESG management in earnest. WeMade established an ESG committee chaired by CEO Jang Hyun-guk in July last year to promote systematic ESG management.

ESG Committee is responsible for establishing mid- to long-term strategies, making major decisions, and monitoring implementation tasks across the enterprise. The relevant information is reported to the board from time to time.

In January, a dedicated department to ESG management established to carry out activities for ESG management practice and internalization. A compliance team and internal accounting management team were also created to strengthen the compliance system.

Under the ESG Committee, there are five working groups: environmental management, human rights/compliance, social contribution, governance, and information protection. The working group is a consultative body of related departments by area. After working with ESG team to establish specific plans for major issues, they are carrying out tasks accordingly.

WeMade plans to accelerate ESG management around three key objectives: responsible practice of environmental management, inclusive growth for future generations, and transparent governance.

Responsible environmental management practice is adopted through efforts such as reducing greenhouse gas emissions, reducing waste, saving water resources, and efficient use of resources. Education and participatory activities are also carried out with the aim of improving employees’ awareness of the environment.

It also strives for inclusive growth for future generations. It supports the growth of members and implements a safe and great place to work. It supports the education and cultural development of the local community, and protects consumer rights through responsible marketing and personal information protection.

In order to maintain transparent governance, efforts to disclose reliable information, promote shareholder value, organize and operate efficient boards, and strengthen compliance systems will also be continued.

“WeMade will practice exemplary ESG management that meets the status of leading companies in the blockchain market,“ said Jang Hyun-guk, CEO of WeMade. “We will show the growth of a company that eventually meets social expectations.”

Meanwhile, details on ESG management promoted by WeMade can be found on the official website.

Source: Pangyo Techno Valley Official Newsroom