[Pangyo Game & Contents] Tapas Entertainment, Kakao Entertainment’s North American Base, Participated in ‘Anime NYC’ in New York

– Kakao Entertainment Proved Its Story IP Power.

– The Company Plans to Grow North America’s Webtoon and Webnovel Capabilities with Its Super IP and Korean Webtoons and Webnovels

Tapas Entertainment, Kakao Entertainment’s North American corporation, participated in “Anime NYC”, one of the most famous animation events held in New York, USA, to introduce Kakao Entertainment’s outstanding story IP capabilities.

Kakao Entertainment announced on the 22nd, that Tapas Entertainment, the North American base for story intellectual property rights, participated in Anime NYC held from the 18th to 20th, and successfully finished the event. Anime NYC, an animation festival held in New York City, normally attracts tens of thousands of global fans, various publishers, exhibitions and panels from all over the world every year. This year, more than 50,000 global fans from Canada, Mexico, England, France, Germany, Australia, China, Brazil, and Japan visited the event.

Tapas’ ‘Beginning after the End’ stole the show at the event. Beginning after the End is Tapas’ original IP discovered by Tapas Entertainment in the US, and a super IP that has built a large North American fandom with Kakao Entertainment’s “novel comics system”, which turns popular web novels into webtoons. A Korean-American author, TurtleMe, wrote the original web novel, and Fuyuki 23 added a beautiful sketch to turn it into a webtoon. The work depicts the exciting story of Arthur, who was a king in his previous life, then reincarnated in a new world full of magic and monsters and starts his new life.

Both the web novel and the webtoon ranked first in Tapas, and have been translated into six languages, including Korean, Japanese, and French, and are loved worldwide on various webtoon and web novel platforms. In addition, the webtoon was published as a book in the United States, where comics’ publications are mainstream, and received great responses. Recently, Beginning after the End also launched as an audiobook and made a hit, making another successful IP expansion case.

In particular, on the first day of the event, about 400 people gathered for the talk show featuring author TurtleMe, and fans gathered so much that the Tapas Entertainment’s booth overflowed. Author TurtleMe, who got a round of applause after pretending to be a staff member then suddenly came on stage, said, “As I met fans from around the world, including Korea, Japan and the U.S., how much ‘The Beginning after the End’ is being loved worldwide is clearly showing.” He added, “I would love to have more meetings with fans in the future.”

That day, author TurtleMe also drew attention by announcing the news of the additional publication of the book, Beginning after the End, which had alredy gained great popularity along with the web novel and the webtoon. He decided to publish the volume 2 to 6 in succession by 2024 with Yen Press, the publisher of the first book. Yen Press is one of the largest publishers of comics and novels in North America. Author TurtleMe held a signing event as well as a live talk show with Reddit, the largest community website in the United States, followed by interviews with local media over the three days. Then he had a meeting with Yan Press, the publisher of the book ‘The Beginning after the End’. Other various events such as an autograph session with Kinokuniya Bookstore, were held to communicate with the novel’s fans.

An official from Tapas Entertainment said, “Even just a few years ago, there were few booths that were related to webtoons and web novels and brought a lot of attention. However, Now looking at the long lines and countless crowds to meet the author TurtleMe, I could see the potential of ‘beginning after the end’ as well as the bright future of the webtoon and web novel market.” He added, “We will develop North American story IP business based on Korean webtoons and web novels as well as super IPs just like Beginning after the End.

Source: Pangyo Techno Valley Official Newsroom