[Pangyo Game & Contents] Rising Wings, to Conduct Global Pre-Test for ‘Defense Derby’

Krafton subsidiary Rising Wings has announced the global pre-test schedule for real-time strategy defense game “Defense Derby.”

“Defense Derby” is a strategic defense game with a real-time auction system added, a new feature in the tower defense genre. Four players must obtain cards through auctions and create decks with these cards to defend their castles and become the last man standing to win. With strong synergy effects able to take place depending on a card’s species, attributes, and placements, users can enjoy strategic gameplay by coming up with various card combinations.

The pre-release test is designed to present a fully developed game that incorporates players’ opinions prior to the game’s official launch. It will be held this coming September 15 to September 30, and the game will be available on Google Play for users interested in participating to download and experience it.

“‘Defense Derby’ will bring forth a more immersive, intense gameplay through strategic card combinations that enable numerous synergy effects and an auction system that can help players identify their opponents’ next move,” says Rising Wings’ vice president Moon-chul Kang. “We look forward to everyone’s interest and participation in the global pre-test prior to the game’s official release,” he adds.

Source: Pangyo Techno Valley Official Newsroom